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Genre Project- Horror

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BTEC National Diploma in Media Production (Television and Film) Units 24 (TV and Video studies) and 5 (Critical Approaches) Genre Project- Horror In this essay I will talk about the genre horror and I will choose 3 case studies to talk about, one pre 1960, one from the 70s and a contemporary one from 1990 to present day. Horror is an ancient art form, for a long time we try to terrorise each other out of pleasure, by telling sadistic stories in which it triggers the less logical parts of our imaginations, giving us that basic thrill and rush of adrenaline in which fear brings, horror stories also sometimes serve as a wider moral purpose, reinforcing the rules and taboos of our society and showing the macabre fate of those who transgress it, horror films have long served both purposes. The pre 1960 film that I choose to talk about is Dracula from 1931, an acclaimed masterpiece directed by Tod Browning, known also for two other vampire films: London after Midnight (1927), Mark of the Vampire (1935), screenplay by Garrett Ford, based on the novel by Bram Stoker with Bela Lugosi in Dracula and Lionel Barrymore sharing Lon Chaney's dual role. The generic conventions/iconography (things that you expect to find in a genre) we can find in Dracula (1931) are: * A Castle in the mountains * Frightened peasants. * Coffin that opens very slowly * Bats * Door opens by itself, with a strange noise * Howling wolves * Dracula being pale, educated, strange eyes, with a tuxedo and a opera cloak * Close ups on Dracula face * Vampire is afraid of the crucifix * The scream of the victim * Tick fog * No reflection on the mirror when the vampire looks at it. * The stake that goes through the vampire heart Now for the narrative of the film, we are going to talk about the Equilibrium or balance of the story, the narrative always begins with a initial ...read more.


He looks at young Regan and becomes convinced that she is possessed, after collecting the necessary evidence he brings this to the church's attention and calls in Father Merrin, who is an experienced exorcist. They try to drive the evil spirit out, before it is too late, this is the disequilibrium, and to restore the equilibrium of the story, the father priest researches more about the demon, and after knowing about him, he tries a last attempt to drive the demon out by sacrificing himself and persuade the demon to possess the priest itself, after succeeding the priest jumps from the window killing himself and the demon inside of him, thus saving the girl, and that restores the equilibrium. The film The Exorcist had a huge impact on the audience, there are ideas, ideals and images that are burned into our subconscious after seeing the film for the first time , what was it about the film that made it so culturally significant? The basis of the film was simple. The Devil possesses a little girl and two priests struggle to free her from his evil clutches. A simple idea laid the groundwork for a complexly emotional movie that caused many people to question everything that they had learned in the past. Vietnam was an issue that was strong in the minds of many people. People in the United States were witnessing evils that they had never seen before. The film reminded them of what evil might truly be. The Exorcist reminded people that there was a way to overcome any evil. Sometimes, as in The Exorcist, the only way to truly overcome an evil is to commit an act of personal sacrifice. This was an important message for the time since America was on the verge of a stage in history were personal excess was considered the only way to overcome life's obstacles. ...read more.


The digital footage the "home movie" effect, only enhances that sensation. Shot in 2001, before the 9/11 attacks, 28 Days Later proved to be uncannily reminiscent, both of familiar cities laid waste by disaster, and of global infection. 9/11 saw the normally crowded streets of New York closed and deserted, and landmarks plastered with "Have You Seen...?" posters. SARS devastated the Hong Kong economy in 2003 as the threat of a new, incurable virus shut schools and public offices, decimated tourism and business travel, and had the whole world wondering if it could happen to them. Whilst SARS receded as a threat, the global medical community is still on standby alert for outbreaks of its close cousin, avian flu. And, although at the time of filming the breakdown of West's platoon might have been a cultural reference to Vietnam War movies, the representation of soldiers, flailing without any moral compass to guide them, was to echo loudly in news stories for the rest of the decade. The audience reading I think is right its Preferred reading, because I think the director really wants us to feel compassion towards Jill that till the end he tries to protect those who are important to him, and helps others and he is a casual normal human too that is only trying to survive so he is vulnerable, instead of the military that pretty much tries to kill other humans and rape women for their "high" cause and the infected that are only there to kill and infect, the other possible reading would be that of Oppositional reading, where some would thought that what the military is doing it's the right thing and its for the best of the survival of the species and they both are fighting against the infected. The uses and Gratification you may get from the film is that of entertainment, with plot twists and a well written script. ?? ?? ?? ?? Roberto Saraiva P�gina 1 11-05-2009 ...read more.

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