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Gladiator Poster. Examine the techniques used by the advertisers of the film Gladiator to attract their target audience, indicating whether the advertisers succeeded in their aim.

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Media Coursework: Examine the techniques used by the advertisers of the film Gladiator to attract their target audience, indicating whether the advertisers succeeded in their aim. The aim of this poster is to make the target audience want to go and see the film Gladiator... Why would you want to go to see the film? There are many reasons why people would like to go and see the film Gladiator by looking at the poster. It shows a powerful, mighty man in shiny bronze armor with a powerful face, holding a sword looking as though he has just killed someone. In this poster there are many points hitting you in the face wanting to see this film. ...read more.


This suggests that the light side represents life, and the dark side represents death. This foreshadows what happens in the film, and makes the audience curious. In addition, it starts with two 'W's, which is something one cannot pronounce fast. It is pronounced strong and slow. 'What we do in life' also shows more of a meaner statement: it's not something always good, it might be bad; it's giving us a choice to think about 'What we do in life', so it might not always be good. 'Echoes in eternity' is saying that someone (i.e. g-d) will always know what we have done. Therefore, 'echoes in eternity' means something good, like "will always be heard in heaven". ...read more.


The colour is crispy, fiery, and sharp. The size of the font is big and it shows that it is a mainly action film. Russell Crowe is written in a large golden font above Gladiator, so that people who like the actor's films would be attracted. The target age of this film would be from ages 15 - 30. I think this because teenagers would relate to them, because they like blood, fighting and bright strong colours. Here we see a strong, big, fierce man who is looking like he has just attacked someone. I think that this poster reached its goal. I think this because its quality and meaning is fabulous. Every time you look with depth into this poster, you find something new. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jacob Moses 90 English Coursework Mr McClusky 1 ...read more.

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