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Having viewed the footage and studied the coverage of 'Fight Night' in three different papers Did Big Brother go too far?

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Having viewed the footage and studied the coverage of 'Fight Night' in three different papers Did Big Brother go too far? Please refer to the articles and footage in your answer. Big Brother is supposed to be a reality t.v. show, however, Big Brother has changed from innocent series 1 to obsene violence in series 5. Big Brother is a house filled with 12 people who do several challenges and experience difficult situations. This is a perfectly normal reality show until series 5 when the house is one third smaller, with even more cameras microphones and contestents who are even more out of the ordinary.After spending many weeks in the house, surviving many evictions a winner who has managed to dodge the public votes gets a sum of �70,000. Series 5 is said to be called 'Big Brother gets evil' due to the continuous suprises it displays for the audience. Big Brother originally was a new series and was rated to be superb. As the show has progressed it became wearisome and was simply the same. So to boost the ratings of Big Brother, life in the house was made more difficult, creating more action. This interested may viewers and Big Brother was booming, but did Big Brother go to far? Series 5 was claimed to be a disgrace to Great Britain. It contained more than many hoped for and was shameful to our nation. ...read more.


The tabloid paper is like The Sun and the News of the World, it is more of a gossipy paper which likes exaggerating. A regional paper is like the Eastern Daily Press a localised paper. From the content that they contain I would say that The Sun is a paper which I would be less likely to believe as it gossips alot and loves exaggerating. I would be more likely to take the middle market papers more seriously and find them more believable. In a middle market paper the Daily Mail did a follow up on the 'Fight Night'. Everything which is said about Big Brother contains negativity. The title 'Big Brother sinks to new low on night of violence' is saying Big Brother was sad and it just got sadder. It contains reasons why the fight was caused by Big Brother. It contains a whole paragraph on why Big Brother was so mean. Everything the paper says is always negative to the reality show,'after deliberate' which suggests that Big Brother planned it. This automatically tells us as the reader that they are against BB. Compare this to a tabloid paper. The Sun and The News of the World both did a article on the same issue, yet they had completely different opinions. 'They were able to view all the footage from Big Brother' this is implying that it wasn't the producers fault and they are co-operating and are perfectly innocent. ...read more.


and 'Why else would they set up a potentially situation and ply the housemates with vast amounts of Booze?' these questions are asked to get the reader involved and thinking. In the Daily Mail it usesa vast amount of rhetorical devices. It uses the word 'erupted' which symbolises like a volcanoe exploding, expert quotes of pshycologists which say contestants aren't fit and it clearly cuts out all the swearing aswell. The word 'allegelly' says that it has not yet been proven, this is what they suspect. The comparison with the football outrage is constantly used reminding you what hooligans we really are! In all three papers it condems how Big Brother set the situation off and how the contestants are so vile and rude enough to rise and act like animals at a zoo. The papers make it seem more outrageous and the expert quotes from pshycologists say that the contestants are unwell and this comes across as BB has hurt and damaged people who have both worked and took part in the show. In my opinion I think that from what I have studied from the newspapers, the views of others and watching the program for myself that it is a disgrace to England and that it was set up for publicity. From here on the action I think they should take is by taking a break in the series and media and in the future launch it again proving people like myself and others that it wasn't anything to do with the producers purely drunken yobs. ...read more.

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