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Health Magazines

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Health Magazines Research * From my research, I have learnt that most magazines on health contain a contents page (that are laid out in different styles meaning that one contents page may just show the titles without pictures with them whilst the other contents page contains pictures next to the title that is related to it). * Editorials are also in the magazine where the company is explaining about the overall health in Britain. Also in another magazine instead of an editorial a letter from the editor is written about what the magazine on health will contain the ideas behind the process of producing the magazine etc. * Some magazines on health also use different styles of vocabulary. ...read more.


I have used white as it makes it easier for the reader to read the information clearly. We picked up on this by looking through a number of existing magazines and then incorporated this element in our magazine. By using white as the background colour, it provides the page with calmness without the added difficulty of a dark or busy background. Some magazines have a colored background for the inner pages of the magazine, this could either be a pattern e.g. stripes or a light colour like cream with a main image on the top most magazines tend to have an white background with some images on the page which reflect the message of the text and magazine e.g. ...read more.


The colours used for the main headings are multi-coloured bright and bold; these colours are attracting as well as appealing and stand out on the page. The colour used for the main textual contents is black, as this makes the magazine look professional and gives it a hint of formality and black makes it easier to read the text. I also used auto-shapes and selected the star shape; I used this shape as a border all around the page for the back cover, contents and introductory pages, all of the star shapes have bold bright outlines, this represents life and refreshment which the magazines gives the person as well as providing an flow to the pages and giving the pages an structure. ...read more.

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