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How are cars advertised?

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How are cars advertised? Advertising is showing an audience a product. It is used to encourage people to buy the advertised product. You would expect to see adverts mainly on television, posters and in newspapers, We were given 8 car adverts, some on television and some from magazines, to analyse. I have chosen 3 of these adverts to talk about. The first advert was on the t.v for the Peugeot "307". The advert begins with the sea. The conditions are stormy and tempestuous. You assume that they may be advertising jobs about the coastguards. There are also a variety of men of different ages. Due to the Gaelic music, you can guess that the setting is in an old Scottish island because further into the advert you see a port with ferries. As the men rush to the port, the camera pans across the setting and this is where you finally see the cars. ...read more.


This puts forward the idea that they are trying to keep something tamed or under wraps. Up till this point there are no sounds in the background. Then you see a raging bull that seems fierce and angry, there is also a man on it trying to keep it under control. Now in the background there is the noise of a heartbeat, which puts forward the idea of pumping adrenaline. This advert is fast moving without talking which creates tension and suspense. At the end of the advert the bull is tamed by the rider, this is shown by the rider grabbing the bull's horns and the bull gradually calming down. Throughout this scene there is a close-up of this happening. This puts forward the idea that the car is powerful but can still be controlled. I think this cars' target audience is men aged between the ages of late 30's to early 50's. ...read more.


I think the target audience for this car are young to middle-aged men, who are in to gadgets. Advertisers still aim their car adverts at men on the assumption that men will associate a curvaceous, leggy blonde with the vehicle they are marketing. Although this may not be the case in circumstances when it is a family car, which then advertisers tend to use a family. At the Motor Show, males walk around admiring cars whilst women in barely there items of clothing try to persuade them to be the cars. The industry still believe that women don't understand the functions of a car, even though there are probably as many women as there are men that have a passion for cars. There weren't any striking differences that I noticed but what I found was similar was that the adverts were mostly targeted at young people or first-time buyers. This may be the case because younger people would want the best style, colour and facilities to stand out from their friends. By Deanne Sandiford 10P ...read more.

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