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How did the media portray Micheal Jackson in his trial?

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How Does the Media Portray Michael Jackson in his trial? In Michael Jackson's trial, the media did portray him as a sexual predator that preys on young boys. He is accused of sexual molestation, plying minors with alcohol and it is also alleged that he abducted the young accuser and his family. He openly encouraged children between the ages of 10 and 13 to his theme park home, 'Neverland'. The children were sometimes ill, which is how he met them, for example Gavin Arvizo, the current accuser, had cancer. He met them through various charities and companies that allow young children, often with terminal illnesses, to meet their idols. Some of the well publicised children that have been linked to Michael Jackson are Gavin Arvizo and Jordie Chandler. Jordie Chandler was a previous accuser who Michael Jackson supposedly paid somewhere between 13 and 20 million dollars, to prevent a court case. A lot of people think that Michael Jackson is guilty, and that he is just getting away with it because he is rich and famous. Other people believe that he is innocent and that other people were just gold digging. Michael Jackson has a long history with the press. He became famous as a very young child, with his siblings, in the pop group 'the Jackson 5', since then he has been described as 'Wacko Jacko' when he owned a pet monkey, and was ridiculed when he slept in an oxygen bubble. ...read more.


This was used as a headline and it implies lewd acts, instead it was a description of just a pillow fight. The writers cleverly put the headline in big bold letters, but when I read the entire article the actual facts were in smaller writing below. To me the media seems to be biased against Michael Jackson and were making him into a 'modern day Frankenstein', but instead of being made of pieces of people he is fashioned from pieces of plastic surgery. This could have an impact on his court case because the people were seeing him in a comic way, not taking him seriously or treating him as not human, but his charges were not to be laughed at. He has been through many changes in his physical appearance. First he is said to have bleached his skin, but he states that he suffers with a rare skin disease that changes the pigmentation of the skin. He has also had obvious plastic surgery on his nose and cheek bones, but he denies that too. This could have an influence on the trial because if he lies about that he could lie about other things also. I don't know why someone would do such a thing. ...read more.


The second question is 'whether this is good for the public?' I think this is bad for the public because people should be able to read the facts of a story, so they can make an informed opinion themselves. Also the public should be able to read about current affaires not just celebrity love affairs. The third question is 'what is the role of the press?'. I always thought that the press was a place to find useful information, but instead you find the opposite, like Brad Pitt has had an affair with Angelina Jolie, do we really need to know this, or should it be between the two celebrities? The fourth and final question is 'what effect has this had on me?'. I think this has had some effect on me and the way I view media. It has left me asking questions for example: why did Michael Jackson pay off Jordie Chandler, and why was it publicised that he had done so? What is the media's motive behind there publications? Even with these types of questions I still don't think Michael Jackson is guilty. I think he never had a chance to experience his own childhood and I believe he is just trying to help others less fortunate than himself to experience their childhood in the best possible way. ...read more.

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