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How do advertisers in the printed media seek to influence us?

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How do advertisers in the printed media seek to influence us? When advertisers are making adverts they have to try and make their advert stand out and make people look at it or read it with the key aim of selling their product in mind. Advertisers have to look at three main parts to an advert, the layout and colours being used, which graphics to use and how to make them look good and the copy content. Many techniques are used by advertisers trying to influence us to be interested in, and to hopefully buy, the product they are marketing. In order to create a demand for their product advertisers not only use the straightforward selling points of showing the features and benefits of their product, they also use imagery and suggestion to link their product to an ideal that others want to be a part of. Different methods are used to try and draw us in to an advert and to then make us want to buy the product. I will look at these different methods and techniques used in a range of advertisements and show how advertisers seek to influence us in these. ...read more.


This advert is putting forwards the quality, looks and desirability of the car and also the performance. In the text at the top left it uses the word 'cutting edge' when talking about the new engine which is basically telling you that you can't get any better and it then says 'beauty is not enough' which suggests that, yes their car is beautiful and has great looks but it also has a lot more. On the right hand side of the advert it has three pictures of impressive parts of the car with a little bit of text telling you about each, emphasising design and performance. The setting is up in the clouds with a slightly blurred background, suggesting speed and flight and also making the car itself stand out. The car has light directed onto the front, near corner of it making it look really good. The largest text in the centre of the advert says 'start living your dreams'. This fits in with the setting, in clouds, which gives it the image of a dream car. The advertiser is suggesting that with their new car, it is now possible to live your dreams. ...read more.


All of the adverts are aimed at specific target audiences and give or use different messages to appeal to their target audience. All of the adverts focus on only a few main features to try and keep the advert simple yet effective. They all also have the same basic layout with the large graphic, a bold statement, smaller copy giving information and the company logo in the bottom right corner. MG Copy - Ultimate performance Graphic - Challenging Implied - MG beats BMW Alpha Copy - Drive a dream Graphic - Linking to dream Implied - Heavenly, flying, speed, space, enjoyment VW Copy - Minor, cleverly linked Graphic - Main message Implied - Accentuated, makes you think Nissan Copy - Affordability Graphic - Friendly, futuristic Implied - Message in graphics These adverts use a range of different techniques to market their products from different selling points but all use the same basic layout. Each advert places emphasis on different areas with factual and implied messages coming from the graphics, copy or both. They have different target audiences so highlight different aspects of the car to appeal to their selected audience. The advertisers, when making their advert, make different choices to interest a particular type of customer, selling not only the car but a lifestyle choice, a statement about yourself. ...read more.

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