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How do media producers categorise audiences

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How do media producers categorise audiences? For some media, the audience is evident in itself, if the number of units sold for DVDs or the number of seats in the cinema or the theatre. But in the audiovisual does not know how many people are watching TV via cable or satellite TV or listening to the radio. Thus, the audiovisual had need, right at the beginning of this century, namely what audience was there and where - given the importance of advertising in financing these activities, and the quantification of the audience. If, to be quantified, the audiences need to be measured, this led to divide them into subgroups and various types of audiences: A) ...read more.


The best system within this distinction is known as Attitude, Values and Lifestyles. 1) Filmmakers (people with success, rich and dynamic, for which image is important as an expression of his individuality). 2) Compliant (people mature and well trained professionals, who value order, knowledge and responsibilities). 3) Entrepreneurs (people with successful careers and oriented, politically conservative and who value the status quo, considering the important image and tend to buy products from prestigious and well known). 4) Fighters (the yields are lower but tend to be loyal to their favourite brands). 5) Confident (conservative people who believe in traditional institutions such as families and schools. This style of life tends to be very uneventful, with small but sufficient income). ...read more.


Lazy (do not know very well what they want), 7) Those that the abandon their studies (turn away from commitments of any kind), 8) Traditionalists (wish that things are in the right place and determined), 9) Utopian (want that the world is a better site). 10) Cynical (always to make a complaint), 11) Cowboys (want easy money) D) More recently, people were classified as members of a tribe, and also defined by its characteristic way of consuming the media: 1) Consumers of TV [couch potatoes] (are clinging to a television program or at most, between two channels), 2) Specialists (devoted to a specific type of programs such as "who wants to be a millionaire" or "Friends"), 3) Addicted to comedy (characterized by a somewhat rude behaviour and focus on programs of state [sitcom] and regards satirical). 4) With insomnia (watch television well beyond the prime-time). ...read more.

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