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"How does News At Ten present the events of the day?"

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Saniyya Abrahams 11 Wilson Media Coursework. "How does News At Ten present the events of the day?" In this essay an analysis will be made of a news program that was shown on Thursday 10th January 2002, and the way the news programme has become a source of entertainment instead of being an informative, serious programme. ITN produces 'News At Ten' but it also controls the news programmes on Channel Four and Channel Five, as well as other smaller companies. ITN is a powerful medium, as it doesn't only broadcast in the UK it broadcasts in many other countries around the world. The beginning of 'News at Ten' can be seen as pure entertainment because of the theme music, which is loud, strong and powerful. At the same time the sound of Big Ben chiming can be heard. This adds to the boldness of the music and makes it entertaining. Graphics are shown at the same time using primary colours such as red and blue to make the viewers think that the programme they are about to watch is a serious news programme. Headlines are heard in between the loud chiming of the clock. The headlines are all about domestic issues to make the viewers interested and because they are often able to get images straight away to support such stories. A voice-over is then heard which introduces the presenter and the camera zooms into the presenter until it is focused on his face. ...read more.


Members of the public are interviewed to create a tense atmosphere for the audience and again because they are emotive. The producer chooses to interview the public rather than officials because it makes the story more emotive and entertaining. The story is more entertaining than it is serious because there were more images and the audience were not given enough information about what happened. This news item could have been more serious by giving the viewers more information and explaining terms that they would not understand for example they could have told us who the Nationalists and Loyalists were. The next story is Mark Farnham's trial. It is a soft news item because it is prurient news but it is fast news at the same time because it is not a story that will be in the news for very long. It has been included in this programme only for the interest of the audience. The news item is introduced with an image of Mark Farnham and a caption saying 'Murder Trial'. Having his head bowed in the image give the reader the impression that he is full of guilt. The newsreader starts telling the audience that a teacher was accused of battering his wife to death after finding out that he was having an affair with another teacher. Then the newsreader tells us that he admits to repeatedly hitting his wife with an iron bar but he denies murder. ...read more.


We are shown images of people in chemist shops, people sneezing, and people from the Common Cold Centre and scientists who talked about people purchasing remedies. The images are irrelevant and are only used to punctuate the script although they are not useful to the audience. We can tell that this item is not entirely serious and it is used mainly for the interest of the audience because they know that a lot of people would are likely to catch a cold at this time of the year because it is winter. This news item is covered differently from the Belfast and Farnham's Murder Trial stories because the Common Cold story is only used mostly to keep the audience engaged in the programme. This story focused on a more economic issue and none of the graphics, which were used, were relevant to the story. Having analysed the programme, The News At Ten has presented the events of the day as an entertaining programme for its audience throughout the program from the beginning to the very end. At the beginning the viewers are shown graphics, when the chiming of Big Ben and the headlines were heard at the same time. When the news was read out, each story had a lot of pictures for the audience to see was only used to punctuate the script this was all pure entertainment. Because all these images were irrelevant and not necessary so they were only used to punctuate the script. ...read more.

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