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How does the media affect our lives?

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How does the media affect our lives? Have you noticed how the media has a huge presence in our everyday lives? Many people do not notice how much the thousands of advertisements everywhere affect us and our actions. Although, the media is not the advertisements, it is the form of information that they are displayed in. The Truman Show is basically about a man who's life, unknown to him, is a TV show filmed by hidden cameras. Truman lives in the town of Seahaven: a small town built inside a huge dome with simulated weather. The houses of the town are occupied by actors who play characters on the Truman Show e.g. ...read more.


There are many branches of media nowadays. Firstly, there are broadcast branches of media- Television and radio. These are highly successful because they instantly broadcast information to everyone who owns a TV set or radio. Alternatively, there are the printed branches of the media- magazines and newspapers. These media rely on people purchasing them to get across information; they are not as powerful as the broadcast media are. There are many different forms of media on the television. They range from news programmes to soap operas to documentaries. Some of these types of media can be informative and educational while others can even be harmful to one's mind. ...read more.


Adverts for the latest mobile phones and clothes pressure people into buying them to impress, or to be more like, their friends. Conclusively, advertisement is a big part of the media because it helps the funds of the media companies because other companies that want to advertise have to pay them to put an advert on their show or on a page in a newspaper. I think the media makes our lives easier (especially the broadcast branches) because they give us information, as well as letting adverts tell us when certain products are available in shops etc. It can have a power over us and our actions if we're not careful. If we are aware of its dangers it is less likely it will control our actions and personalities. By Luke Ferngrove ...read more.

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