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How does the presentation of an advert target its audience?

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How does the presentation of an advert target its audience? Advertisements are basically a way of communicating with the consumer. Companies thrive on the effectiveness of their advertisements as they need to be attractive in order to entice the public into reading them thus enticing them into buying a product. In advertisements, companies always make their product sound phenomenal and make it out to be the best. Also, usually in beauty or food advertisements, the product is enhanced even more by scientific jargon e.g. amino peptide complex, bifidus digestivum and zinc formula all pop up in certain advertisements. Advertising agencies use this to make their product sound sophisticated, complex and to baffle the consumer into thinking that the product is some scientific innovation that will improve their life one hundred percent. Consumers fall into this trap and this is how the industry thrives, through aspiration and disappointment. Lighting and digital imagery also play a vital part in the fight to win custom from consumers. Up lighting on a dark background for example would make certain products slightly shadowed and secretive, thus, subliminally invoking the basic human instinct of curiosity. ...read more.


Currently there are many issues arising on the effects of genetically modified foods and foods treated with pesticides on people's health, so many people are now only buying organic fruit and vegetables, therefore this would be especially appealing to them. Also I think another target audience could be mothers with young children. They may be anxious about their child drinking orange juice treated with pesticides and after reading this ad they will be even more anxious due to phrases like "you risk consuming a cocktail of chemical residues." I believe this is a deliberate scare tactic on the part of the advertisers. The advertisement for Grove Fresh is extremely influential and makes orange juice that has been treated with pesticides sound potentially dangerous. For example it says "Every time you drink non-organic juice, you risk consuming a cocktail of chemical pesticide residues." This would persuade most people to buy this product on account of their health. The advertisement presents only one statistic and this is that the product is only made from one hundred per cent organic oranges. Usually advertisements are packed full of statistics, these are to shed a positive light on the product and to make it sound better than others. ...read more.


Chips." In conclusion, after analysing both adverts it is clear that they both have an intended target audience. The Grove Fresh advertisement has a target audience of health conscious, anti-pesticide people. I think it is mainly aimed at people who have families and it persuades them to purchase it for their families in order to keep their families healthy. On the other hand the Hellman's Mayonnaise advert has a much broader target audience. It appeals to everyone. It appeals to people who are conscious about their health as it mentions that it contains Omega three. It also appeals to people who might like to indulge in certain types of food. Another target audience could be people who are quite weight conscious as it proposes the option of Hellman's light and extra light mayonnaise. In my opinion, the better advert of the two is the Grove Fresh advert, as it is set out in an easier to read and more structured format, whereas the Hellman's Mayonnaise advert is not as structured because the writing is extremely small and the image draws attention from it. If people who disliked mayonnaise looked at the advert and saw the image of chips with mayonnaise they would not bother to read further on. Liam Atkinson ...read more.

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