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How eating disorders affect models & celebrity's.

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Media Essay-How eating disorders affect models & celebrity's. By Faustina silk Introduction: Young teenage girls who I believe to be the main target group are constantly being exposed to images of slim celebrities on television and reading paragraphs of their private lives printed in newspapers. And models that are either anorexic or excessively thin appearing in latest fashion items in teenage girls magazines. This also occurs with pop stars as teenage girls are interested in music and would look up to models, celebrities and pop stars and want to be like them. They may want to wear the same modern fashion that fits only small figured girls, want to start modeling and pop stars are also used to help to advertise music with their excessively slim figures. I think it is a matter of opinion whether you think you are `fat' but obviously anorexic people believe they are fat when in fact they are extremely thin. Body proportions & body shape are often considered to be the latest fashion. However it is becoming more acceptable for women & young girls to have a more plumper figure, and are thought to be more attractive, according to recent newspaper cuttings and magazine articles, which picture thin celebrities, singers and models such as Jodie kidd, Ally mcbeal, calista flockhart, Cameron, celine dion & kate moss. ...read more.


girls of all shapes and sizes for advertisements instead because that would be showing teenagers that it is perfectly acceptable to be any shape or size and you can still wear the laest fashions just in a slightly bigger size and you will be looked at in the same way. As I believe It is better to be slim and healthy than unhealthy and anorexic. The media portrays this message across overweight people are often lazy with no friends, however if you have a slim figure you are considered to be successful, popular, sexy and powerful. This could particularly have an affect on the younger generation. However women who are professionals are expected to be thin, attractive & well-dressed. People have to realize though they don't have to be like this society they can look like and be whoever they want to be, and it would still be sociably acceptable. They also have to realize that it is impossible to avoid TV ads with women all below the average weight and that it is virtually impossible to attain this look.They will be equally beautiful, successful and happy if they aren't anorexicaly thin. I think the media are firstly trying to make their readers into a `friend' and use eye catching slogans and write in a language teenagers often associate with i.e. ...read more.


Pop-culture's imposed definition of "the ideal body" combined with the diet industry's drive to make more money, creates a never-ending cycle of ad upon ad that try to convince us "...if you lose weight, your life will be good." young girls look at these models as role models. But most models are anorexic. The media's influence on body image & eating disorders focuses on the awareness of socio cultural pressures. Girls reported magazines as their primary source of information regarding diet and health. However TV ads and magazines have realized the negative impact that the pictures and articles on dangerously thin models, celebrities and pop stars is having on young teenagers particually girls. Therefore they have made positive changes to the way in which these images are displayed. Three examples are the body shop, Timberlake & Panasonic. According to a No. of studies, societal standards for beauty emphasize thinness. Advertisers use this societal desire to sell their products. And magazine publishers profit because they can sell more advertising space. NIKE promote a healthy body image . Their ad campaign focuses on the idea that being exactly who you are is what is important, and the `perfect' image women are surrounded with all the time is irrelevant to who we are. Which are transformative images of women. Below are some facts on women suffering from some kind of eating disruption: Below are some facts on Jodie kidd and marylin Monroe previously stated above. Venus de milo: Fashion & plastic surgery: ...read more.

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