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HOW EFFECTIVELY DOES THE OPENING SECTION OF NEWSROUND CATER FOR YOUR NEEDS? The news programme which I have chosen for my Media Studies coursework is Newsround. This programme is broadcasted on CBBC and BBC 2. The length of the programme is 5 minutes. I think that as the show is short it will keep the audience watching; also the show is broadcast multiple times throughout the day. Newsround is transmitted at different times, on the weekends it shows at 12:55pm, 1:55pm and 2:55pm, on the weekdays it is transmitted at 7.25 am, 4:55 pm and 7:55pm. These times are very appropriate for the target audience. On the weekdays most children will be attending school so before they go to school they will be able to watch the first programme of Newsround. The time of the broadcast is 7:25 am; children would usually be awake by this time and able to watch the show. The next time of the show is 4:55 pm. Children will be able to watch the show when they come from school and catch up on the news. The last show of Newsround is at 7:55 pm this is not too late for most children so they will be able to watch the show and hear the last news. ...read more.


The impact of the ident, at the start of the programme, is not as serious as other news programmes that have different target audiences. The target audience of Newsround is made clear. I would expect news from the UK and other news that is occurring around the world, as children are interested in what is happing around the world. As Newsround target audience are children the headlines are different in comparison to other news programmes such as London Tonight. The headlines chosen in Newsround are more to do with children and that concern them. It also contains sport which is normally discussed at the end. Newsround discusses both hard and soft stories. The show usually starts with the hard stories showing the negativity of the story to begin with, then the presenter talks about the positive side of the story. For example: 'bird flu has now been discovered to have affected France'- this is the negative part of the story, the presenter then talks about the positive side- 'Don't worry bird flu is very difficult to catch and has only affect people that work closely with birds'. The next topic that is discussed is usually closeness to home, as children would like to know about what is happing in the country. ...read more.


However when the topic is quite trivial, and there is no footage on it, then they send there own team to check it out. The camera is still when the presenter speaks and does not change position. When there are video clips of children in gangs or smoking the faces are blurred out so that it is not clear to identify them. The blur could also be there because then it might make the children think that they might be in that position one day. Newsround is definitely less formal then other news programmes, this is because Newsround's target audience are children, while other news programmes are aimed at adults. Newsround is very effect at attracting its target audience; it tries to understand what children like and tries to cater for there needs. The programme discusses what children are interested in and encourages different cultures and talks about other religious festivals. Newsround likes to tell children about what is happing around the world and how other children the same age as them suffer, so that children understand how lucky they are. I think that Newsround is an excellent news programme for children as it caters for there news very well. Newsround likes to include children in there news and they think to also include the opinions of the children. ?? ?? ?? ?? Prashanth Jeevagan 10Q ENGLISH-MEDIA STUDIES ...read more.

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