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How Have Adverts Changed from 1955 To Today In the Medium of Television?

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Men In Adverts- How Have Adverts Changed from 1955 To Today In the Medium of Television? The first method of advertising was an outdoor display, usually eye-catching signs painted on the walls of buildings. One of the first adverts found in Rome offers property for rent, and one found painted on a wall in Pompeii tells travellers of an inn situated in another town. This style of advertising continued into the middle ages. TV advertising began in 1955 in Britain, although broadcasting began and 1936. It was only then realised that televising may be a basis of power and profit. In Britain the dominant institution from the 1930s to the 1950s was the BBC, which wanted to provide television as a public service, emphasising the use of information and education, as much as entertainment. To this day the BBC broadcasts no advertising. In early advertising on television more simple marketing strategies were used. A traditional family shown on television included a working husband and a wife, safely at home looking after her man. The women who worked in men's jobs during the war were conveniently forgotten as this 'ideal' family image was broadcast instead. Later on as more sophisticated technology was used there was more money to be made in advertising. ...read more.


The accent in this advert is American, an accent that most people are familiar with, which also shows the origins of the company Dockers. The language is slangy and informal, the small amount that the narrator actually speaks. It is in a more conversational tone, talking to someone instead of at someone. The man in the Dockers advert is shown as completely capable by himself to sort out his own life, even if in an unorthodox manner, for example ironing his sandwiches. This is also used as a device in the advert to increase his popularity. Throughout the advert this man is shown as superior and capable. His position on the balcony is above the world as he surveys the people in flats below him. The woman in the advert appears to be there to stop it from being unrealistic, as a flat full of men only would be, and to increase the man's already established superiority. She obviously finds him attractive and is mesmerised by him standing on a balcony in his underwear. She stops what she is doing to wave at him, and instantly causes an accident. This superiority can be seen as suave and appealing, but it also makes the man almost too perfect. ...read more.


Many adverts offer instant stress relief or change in lifestyle because of the products advertised, but these are not necessarily to be taken seriously. People don't expect that the moment they buy Dockers they will have an infinite amount of time to watch the world go by, but the convenience of not having to iron your trousers is played on so much they seem to be actually worth buying because of this. The aim of the advert is to try and make you buy the Dockers, but not to make you believe literally that you can be the man in the advert. The Cornflakes advert is similar in the way that it presents something completely unrealistic, but you are not expected to believe it, but it is used as a device to attract people. Cornflakes just want people to buy the product. Other companies don't advertise for a specific product, but just to make the brand name better known. Companies today are prepared to spend large amounts of money on an interesting advert that will make people familiar with the name. The fact that they do obviously means that advertising is successful and influential, and many people are prepared to accept what the advert offers. ...read more.

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