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How Important Are Radio and Television In Education.

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HOW IMPORTANT ARE RADIO AND TELEVISION IN EDUCATION This present age is fondly described by many as the age of information. The fastest agents to bring the information from place to place are radio and television. No doubt the main function of the two transmitting media is entertainment, but their most important function is education. With radio and television, the world itself has become a large school of formal and informal education. As far as formal education goes, radio and television programmes go a long way to broadcast programmes to supplement the school syllabus. In many countries there are even channels which are exclusively for students. ...read more.


The book medium is primitive when compared with television. Through television, it is possible to give the viewer a realistic experience, which is next in quality only to a real experience. Certain events which cannot be seen in real life can be shown over television. It is not possible for students to go into a volcano to see how it functions, but over television, this becomes a real experience. Other experiences like the opening flower can never be seen except through television or the movies. It has long ago been established by educationists the world over that student learns better if they see rather than just listen. ...read more.


Besides education of children in schools, the media brings informal education to adults and children all over the world. Musical and other cultural programmes can be seen in the privacy of one's home. The scientific world is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. A lot of information is getting outdated almost daily and new information is added in its place. It is the speed of radio and television which educate people in time, so that the new information can be put to use. Such information includes economic news and financial trends. Radio and television are certainly very important means of education, though it can be said that because of the added factors of pictures and movement, television is the more important of the two. ...read more.

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