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How men are represented in Bridget Jones and Sleepless in Seattle!

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´╗┐Compare how men and/or women are represented in the romantic comedy genre using the films Bridget Jones Diary and Sleepless in Seattle In Bridged Jones men are represented in a stereotypical way and a non-stereo typical way because mark Darcy was represented in a kind, loving, desperate person but Daniel cleaver is represented as a player, cheat and as a violent person. Bridget was the complete opposite of a stereotypical woman. She was rude, loving and weird; she also smokes and drinks alcohol. These are three protagonists of this film. In Sleepless in Seattle Annie Reed was represented in a stereotypical because Annie is shown desperate, loving and caring. Sam was shown as a non-stereotypical way as he was shown as loving, caring and a loving dad. These 2 are the protagonists of this film. In the following paragraphs in going to be talking about how the men were represented in the two films. In Bridget Jones they were shown as aggressive when they both had a fight against each other. This tells us that they are desperate for the girl and that they are violent. While they are fighting they are in the dark this signifies their inner darkness and badness. In most of the fight Daniel is lower than Mark this signifies that Mark is more dominant. Mark Darcy is shown as loving and caring when he goes to buy a diary for Bridget. ...read more.


While he was asking her out he was fidgeting a lot and this again show he's lack of confidence. He was also covered in he's work papers while he was asking her out for a date, his might indicate that he's work is dominating he's love life. We can also see that the woman is dominant as she makes all the decisions. The music also signifies that he's back in the game. We can tell that Sam is not desperate and doesn?t want a date when he ignores all the letters that he gets. This tells us he only loves one person which is he's wife who passed away. We could also see again that Sam is not experienced in love when he's having a talk with he's friend. From this scene we can see that he hasn?t been in love for long and doesn?t know how to date someone. From these both films we can see that they have represented their Actors in a completely opposed way. In Bridget jones the men are desperate but in sleepless in Seattle we can see that the men aren?t desperate. We can also see that in Bridget Jones the men are violent but in sleepless In Seattle they are caring and loving. From these films we can tell that in Bridget Jones the men are not serious about love but in Sleepless in Seattle they are. ...read more.


We can see they are emotional while they are watching the film, the cry as they say the words. This tells us that they are very sensitive. We can also see she is not confident and brave enough to go meat Sam as she throws away the letter she wrote to him. This tells us she is not courageous to go meet him. We can also see she is not brave when she sees him at the beach as she is face to face with him but all she says is hello. However she does get brave nearer to the end, we can see this when she gives back the ring to Walter and says no to the engagement. This tells us she believes in her love and will do anything to get there. We can the woman are in Sleepless in Seattle are desperate when Sam gets millions of letter from woman all over the states. This tells us they are stereotypical. We can see she is affectionate and kind when she runs to the empire state building. She does all of this just for her love, this tells us she is affectionate and loving. We can see she is kind when she talks to Jonah and Sam. So from these two films we can see that the women in Bridget Jones are not desperate but in Sleepless in Seattle they are. We can also see that in Sleepless in Seattle they are very sensitive but in Bridget jones they are not that sensitive. However they are both shown affectionate and kind at some scenes. ...read more.

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