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How successful is advertising? A comparison of two adverts discussing the techniques they use to persuade the consumer to buy products.

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How successful is advertising? A comparison of two adverts discussing the techniques they use to persuade the consumer to buy products. Advertisements are messages that are intended to influence and persuade their audience. Their purpose is to raise awareness of the existence of their product in the people whom they target and to promote the benefits of buying or using it. Adverts are paid for by the advertisers so the cost of, for example, an advertisement in a glossy magazine, means that advertising is a major source of income for magazines, approximately 40% in fact. Without money from advertising, much of the modern media would not exist. Therefore advertising is a commercial business as opposed to 'free' publicity like press releases and photo opportunities. A range of advertisers exist in the UK. Many of them are small companies who are trying to promote themselves. Bigger companies will buy in an advertising agency to create the messages in relevant media. Also, the Government spends considerable amounts of money on advertising. They produce two types of advertisements; information (i.e. tax returns) and persuasive (i.e. not to drink drive). I am going to compare and analyse two advertisements from magazines. Magazines have a ready-made pre-defined target audience, so they provide an effective point of contact for advertisers and their target consumers. Both of my chosen adverts are from 'Bliss', a teenage magazine aimed at girls roughly aged 11-19. It is the second biggest selling teen title and leads the market in editorial innovation and exciting new ideas. The messages of this type of mainstream magazine are dedicated to the ideal image of a teenage girl who is independent, sexy and looks after her appearance. Fashion, cosmetics and beauty tips take up 50 pages of the magazine, so a substantial part of it is devoted to the improvement of the body and looks. Because image dominates the magazine so much, it seems the ideal medium for advertising lip products. ...read more.


The last phrase, "Big is beautiful" relates to the image because as the image on the screen is big, it means that therefore it is beautiful and as the image is of the lips, this suggests that lips with Rimmel's lipstick on them will be beautiful as they will be big. Also, the idea of standing out is re-addressed as it says "break the rules" and this will make you stand out, so it relates to how the pink lips stand out and "break the rules" against the natural background. There is also factual information where it states that the product will give you "up to 40% plumper lips" and will have a "collagen effect". This language is simply enforcing once again what the product does and they are its unique selling points that make it special. It persuades the consumer that this product is special as it is different to other products on the market. The target audience of this advertisement is females, aged 11-19 and who have an interest in how they look and maybe an interest in celebrities. I know this because the magazine it was found in is aimed at this sort of person, so the majority of the people that will see the advert fit this category. Of course there will be people who see it that are older or younger or do not have these interests but they will be the minority. The advert could also be aimed at older girls as the model is 28 years old so would appeal to this age range as well as they might want to be like her. The text is straightforward however so I feel that this particular advert is aimed at 11-19 year olds. This ad might also be seen in other publications such as 'Sugar', 'J17' and similar teen magazines as their readers would fit the same categories. ...read more.


It uses adjectives like 'brilliant' and 'beautiful' to describe the effect the product has on your lips, persuading the consumer that if they buy it, they will also be like that. It also includes unique selling points that are trying to impress, for example; 'first time', 'unique' and 'new way', which indicate that this is the first product on the market that does what it does, meaning it is the only product you can buy with the effect this one has. This encourages the consumer to buy the product because it makes them feel special as they will be one of the first people to have such a product. The copy relates to the images in the way it is describing what is happening to her lips when the product is applied. It uses very positive language to illustrate what the product does and it is aimed straight at the person reading it using 'your lips' making it seem more personal and as though it is talking to the individual reading it. Using personal language like this makes the advert seem closer to you and makes it seem more special. The audience for this particular ad is female, 11-19 years old and someone who follows fashions and cares about their looks. I know this because it came from 'Bliss' and that is the target audience of the magazine. It could however be placed in a different publication because I think it would appeal to most women. Nearly every female likes to take good care of their lips, and having a product that looks after lips and gives them a glossy look as well, while moisturising them surely has to be a good product. I think it is specifically aimed at the younger woman though because of the age of the model in the picture as teenagers want to be like her so buy the product. The overall message of this advertisement is that CareGloss & Shine is a brand new product on the market which is unique, and does exactly what it says in its name. - 1 - Allegra Gacsall ...read more.

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