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How successful is Spielberg in creating tension and suspense in the film Jaws

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How successful is Spielberg in creating tension and suspense in the film Jaws Jaws is a film about a Great white shark that is terrorising and eating people and also animals from a little island called Amity off the east coast of America. It is set in the 1970's and is on the 4th of July which is American Independence Day. It is set on the 4th of July because this is a national holiday, when there will be lots of people travelling to the island for a holiday. It is very ironic the film being set on this holiday because you would expect it to be a happy time when everyone is nice and cheery but then it turns into sadness because there are people being horrifically eaten by sharks. I think that Spielberg is very successful in creating suspense and tension in Jaws because of the very good use of camera techniques and music that he uses, and also the fact that you never see the shark so it all seems mysterious. ...read more.


After the attack the music stops and there is silence. The second attack happened on the beach when everyone was out having a good time sunbathing and swimming. There are a few occasions when Brodie thinks there is about to be an attack like when the old man is swimming towards the women but he is wrong. The camera techniques used in this scene are very good in raising the tension. When Brodie has seen that there has been an attack the camera technique used is simultaneous track and zoom. This makes it look like the background of the image is shooting away from Brodie. This makes it seem like he is isolated from the rest of the world. There were a lot of different camera techniques used, the one that is used most would be the long shot which is used to show the scenery or in this case everyone on the beach and the sea. ...read more.


If you pay attention to the fake attack when the boys are messing around with a fake sharks fin, you will notice that the music doesn't play, this is a giveaway that there isn't really going to be an attack. However I never noticed this the first time I watched it, but I think it is a very clever thing to do. This is a good way to do it because you would always know when there is really going to be an attack. The scariest moment for me in the film has to be when the girl is swimming in the water at the beginning. The use of camera techniques in this scene was very clever. The main shot that was used would be the close up which is used to get the facial expressions of the characters. This is a good choice because you can see the fear in her face and eyes. When she first goes into the water it's just silent, all you can hear is the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, but then the music starts and you know it's the end of her. ...read more.

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