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How the future is presented in Bladerunner

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The Futuristic Film, Bladerunner In this futuristic film, Harrison Ford is a Bladerunner, a man who by using an eye scanning machine and asking questions can determine if a person is really human or is rather genetically created. In the meantime, three of these non-humans find out they only have a four year lifespan and try to find a way, through foul means more than fair, to extend their lives. This culminates in a rather disturbing fight between the leader of these non-humans and Harrison Ford's character. When one thinks of a futuristic movie that takes place in New York pictures of flying cars and strange cloths pop into the mind. ...read more.


When we get down to street level we see other sources of light such as a digital billboard on the side of a building, car headlights, and light from nearby restaurants, but the overall feel is still dark and dismal. The buildings are all metal and it is constantly raining throughout the movie. Other things used to portray this dingy, dismal feel are open fires and trash in the streets. This feel of the city is contrasted when we go to the office of the man who created these non-humans. The sun is shinning so that we are blinded by it. ...read more.


It appears to be an abandoned department store as there are many floors and mannequins everywhere. It is literally falling apart, as we see when Harrison Ford crawls through a hole in the ceiling to get to another floor and when the non-human leader punches his head through the wall. While this is a futuristic film, it does predict a better city in the future, but rather a more dilapidated one. One filled with darkness, fog, metal, and humanity all shoved into one small space. Yet, even in this city there is one place that is beautiful because it has, in a sense, reverted to the past. From this portrayal, one can infer that the director finds the past, rather than the future, a more graceful, dignified, and charming place. ...read more.

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