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How The Product Will Be Marketed

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Jack Adams 16/4/01 How The Product Will Be Marketed The trainers will have to be repositioned in my adverts to appeal more to elderly people, which will mean finding the areas of current trainer adverts that are targeted at younger people and replace them with alternatives which are more aimed at older people. This should be done but I must make sure that the product is still represented how I want it at the end of my advert. I would like my product to be seen by older folks as something that can give them more speed, balance, and a physical advantage, whilst still being comfortable and with a smart appearance for a pair of trainers. ...read more.


Also my questionnaire revealed that 44% of elderly people believe that inflexibility in a shoe is the worst characteristic so this must be avoided and overcome. For my TV advert I have decided to have the camera focus the viewers on a man who is working out hard and training for a race, and he is talking how it has taken him so long to get here and how he's devoted his life to it. Then in the race an old man wearing Donaldsons trainers beats him. This links Donaldsons to achievement and success, and will appeal to older people because it shows how Donaldsons trainers can make them do things they could only do when they were young. ...read more.


Also when he claims the Donaldsons made him win it shows that it doesn't matter how much physical ability you have beforehand, Donaldsons can make you amazingly good. In my A4 magazine advert I have put the brands name in white because white connotes honest and truth, and to add to this in my questionnaire white was the most popular colour of the 12 options given with 33%. The honesty conveyed by the white will influence elderly viewers to believe the advert and what it says the shoe has and can do. The idea of this advert is linked to the TV one, of an old man wearing Donaldsons trainers being victorious in a race ahead of many younger, fitter-looking competitors connoting success. ...read more.

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