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How was Kevin Keegan dealt with by the Media from Friday 0ctober 6th until Monday October 9th 2000?

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How was Kevin Keegan dealt with by the Media from Friday 0ctober 6th until Monday October 9th 2000? For my durational essay I decided to choose a story that both for fills the durational aspect and my own personal interest. I chose to focus on the defeat by Germany and subsequent resignation of Kevin Keegan. I will look at how 4 newspapers have dealt with Keegan using key media terms and recognising the different angles each newspaper has approached the story. The four newspapers I have decided to look at are a calculated choice that should give a fair view of the English newspaper press. I have chosen The Sun and News Of The World, The Daily and Sunday Mirror, The Guardian and The Observer, and also the Daily and Sunday Telegraph as my four newspapers. In this choice are two tabloids and two broadsheets this should give a good contrast and room for comparison. I also have included right and left wing papers however; the topic being sport this should not result to any major differences. I chose The Sun as it is part of Rupert Murdock's media empire and it is also the most popular newspaper in Britain. The Mirror was chosen as the other leading tabloid. The Telegraph was chosen for it conservatism and also because it is a broadsheet and I finally chose The Guardian in contrast The Times because The Times is also part of the Murdock media group and therefore may be very similar to the ideas and views of The Sun. ...read more.


"I'm not the man for the job," read the front page of The Observer. Keegan was front-page news in all four of the newspapers I have chosen. There are two slants that the papers take whilst looking at Keegan. Keegan is viewed as right to resign and an honest hero or a man who cannot face up to his responsibility, a man who has "bottled" it, a theme that continues on Monday. Maybe surprisingly it is The Sunday Telegraph that shows the most anger towards Keegan. "Keegan the deserter" is the headline. Despite whatever feelings the papers have for Keegan they all concede that he was not good enough and are quick to predict who's next. In The News Of The World Keegan is represented as having guts to make the decision he does. Alan Shearer and Terry Venables, the papers prediction for the England job, share a similar view as that of the paper; it is fair to argue that because their view matches that of the paper there opinions are used as main parts of the coverage. "The Sport Of The World Comment" is quick to proclaim Terry Venables as the only man who can now "save" England. Crisis is a word used particularly in The News Of The World. Banners are used at the top of the page and also an England symbol is shown ripped in two. There is a durational aspect in The News Of The World is shown because before the resignation of Keegan, the England manager was hardly even mentioned, now the players take the back seat, many of them criticised as Keegan becomes the most important figure. ...read more.


The players would have been the heroes. The Sun uses the pun "What a loo-ser" to describe Keegan's decision made on the toilet after the game. It sums up what a disastrous end it was for Wembley and inevitably Keegan. By now the story has progressed to a point where Keegan has left "What a Finnish" with regards to Finland on the Wednesday, shows Keegan going off in a car. Who's next is the question. Keegan has failed not only himself but also the country, and this is what the final progression in the story is. Over the whole weekend you can look at Keegan was first ignored on the whole by the media, the players were deemed much more important than him coming into the game. This may have been because footballers are all minor celebrities and due to high profile marriages and relations, such as Beckham and Posh Spice, are in the public eye a lot more than the manager would be and are more likely to sell newspapers. On the Sunday after the game Keegan takes centre stage after his resignation, he is treated as a hero and a villain by the papers, an old footballing clich´┐Ż. He is seen as brave and honest, or as a man running away from responsibility, By Monday Keegan is judged by all, as a man who "bottled it" and was tactically insufficient, who's next is the new story and Keegan will be forgotten in no time. Despite this Keegan still makes nearly all the front pages however the emphasis amongst the reports is he will be remembered but not missed as manager of England. ...read more.

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