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How well does the opening section of London Tonight cater for your needs?

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Media studies: How well does the opening section of London Tonight cater for your needs? For this piece of work I have decided to work on the news program 'London Tonight'. It is broadcasted on ITV at 18:30 on a daily basis. It is shown at this time as it is after the BBC News which starts at 18:00. Once the commercials from the previous programme has finished the start of London Tonight is shown. This opening section is very important as it must grab the attention of the viewer to make them keep watching the show. They do this in numerous ways. They need to let their viewers no what their watching so the opening scenes are always the same, they have the same music and graphics and starts the show by saying the headlines. They begin with the main headlines followed by the sports headline. This is to let the viewer know what is about to be shown. ...read more.


The Taliban were threatening to attack and soon enough the police had come. We can see from this report that it managed to grab the viewer's attention in many ways. The film crew managed to capture a school which had been burnt down, at first you think this is the interesting part of the report, but then we see the Taliban rushing in firing their guns and then the police rushing in. This particular scene had some 'action' in which would have kept viewers fixed on the channel. To see this would have been a shock to the public and it is very rare to come across the Taliban especially while trying to film on a show. As this is a real life situation the audience is fixed to what is happening especially as there is mentioning of an attack on video footage. Once the video had been shown the presenters started to discuss the report and went into much depth of why the Taliban were doing what they did. ...read more.


Overall I think the news programme was quite a success. It had managed to get my attention from the start and keep me interested. The setting was quite good as it showed Big Ben in the background giving it the London feel. The presenters weren't too serious but yet manage to get the news across to the audience in the right way. There were many camera angles as to which the news presenters were shown which didn't make it boring always looking in one direction. The headlines reported were of good interest to a wide variety of audiences but I think it is aimed more at young adults as it seems quite active. It tailored the needs of the audience very well as it not only showed London news but world wide affairs too. The only problem with the news programme would be that serious sport fans would not get a very in depth report on the news but they will get the main sport headlines. So in conclusion a very well put together news programme. ?? ?? ?? ?? Faisal Valli 10S - Media Studies 2 ...read more.

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