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I am going to analysis an advert for a Toyota Tundra pick-up. I obtained this advert from the Toyota Magazine, One Aim, and the summer 2003 issue. The advert was on a double spread page in the middle of the magazine.

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GCSE English Media Assignment - Advertising Cars. I am going to analysis an advert for a Toyota Tundra pick-up. I obtained this advert from the Toyota Magazine, One Aim, and the summer 2003 issue. The advert was on a double spread page in the middle of the magazine. The picture on the advert shows a Toyota Tundra as a large central image. It takes up approximately 60-70% of the double page. The photograph has been angled so that the front of the car has been made to look bigger than the rear of the car. It also makes the front of the car a lot sharper and clearer than the back and more of the detail of the lights can be seen. I think this has been done to emphasise the front of the car which is where the engine is situated. This makes the viewer imagine that because the car has a large front it must contain a large, powerful engine. The background looks like a rally track and there are adverts and flags in the background for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. The background has been blurred and the car is sharp. ...read more.


They are persuading the viewer to buy this car so that they can move into the bigger league. The language used is about the car and its position in the NASCAR series. I think that this also shows that the advert is aimed for racers because ordinary people may not understand the levels of the different series and what they mean in terms of how good a car is. The advert came from a Toyota magazine which also has other adverts for Formula 1 cars and other racing cars. They have put all their racing cars into one magazine and all the photos are done is a similar way with a blurred background and angled car, giving the effect of speed which is what the racers are looking for. For the second part of my assignment I am going to analysis the advert that I have designed for a car. I used a Volkswagen Beetle but changed the name and called it a Coroda Sada. My advert is designed in a story board so that it can be shown as a television advertisement. When the advert first begins it is a black screen and a bright yellow spotlight opens up onto an angled car with the camera held in a still position. ...read more.


The audience I am aiming my advert at is women aged 17 to 25. The car I was advertising a fun colourful, friendly and bubbly little car. I used a Volkswagen Beetle to advertise but I changed the name of the car and called it a Sada, by the company Coroda. I did not use a company logo, but a logo for the particular car model. I included a slogan, "Go on... be daring" to make people think that the car is fun and that by buying this car you would be daring and individual. It is made to make the person think that by having this car that the driver is special and confident. It is for people to make a statement with and not just a mode of transport. There is only text at the end of the advert and there is a small amount of small print about the car and its features. I am relying on the advert to attract people's attention and not on the car and its features. The price and logo are also included. I do not think that my car would fall into the category of representations. I think that this car would be advertised differently to some of the other Volkswagen range. ...read more.

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