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I am going to compare and contrast the persuasive techniques used in two adverts - Sight Savers is an advert trying to persuade you and the Samaritans is informing you.

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Media Coursework I am going to compare and contrast the persuasive techniques used in two adverts. Sight Savers is an advert trying to persuade you and the Samaritans is informing you. The message of the advert Samaritans, are informing the reader about the organization called the Samaritans, who are willing to help you with your problems in a non-judgmental way "we're also non-judgmental," The main message of the Samaritans is that they are trying to tell the public that its easier to talk to someone you don't like. They make the reader thing about it straight away with the rhetorical question in the sub heading "if you tell your girlfriend will she think less of you?" They make the reader ask him self the question straight away because they want the reader to put themselves in a position where they have been in so next time he knows they are here to help. ...read more.


The Samaritans advert is trying to tell the reader that if they have any social, psychological difficulties or any problems of any kind big or small that they can ring a member of the Samaritans "any kind of problem, big or small." I don't think they are trying to persuade the reader I think they are informing the reader that they organization is there to help if you have a problem and don't have any anyone to talk it with. The advert Sight Savers is campaigning to try and persuade the reader to donate money so that children eye sight will be saved and they will cure the disease Trachoma "it costs as little as 1.20 to treat one person" they include facts unlike the other advert and it uses "as little" because for people like us 1.20 is loose change and think of the good that will come out of it. ...read more.


Firstly looking at the heading for the Samaritans adverts 'Sometimes its easier to talk to someone you don't like'. The picture shows a female in her teenage years lying seemingly on a pillow most probably to be set in her bedroom showing to the reader happy emotion and expressing this in her facial expressions. A the top right hand side of the picture containing the teenagers is a question to the reader which is related to the picture, which is ' if you tell your girlfriend will she think less of you?' on the other hand the heading for the sight savers advert is 'Blinking Hell'. The picture is of a pair of eyes in which the eye lids are held open by knotted barbwires. The font of the sight savers advert is much more larger than of the Samaritans and is therefore more eye catching and appealing to the reader than the Samaritans but the Samaritans one is more longer heading which therefore explains the contrast of size ...read more.

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