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I am going to discuss the way in which the charity, Oxfam has constructed their leaflet and how they have communicated effectively with their target audience.

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Media coursework Leaflet-Oxfam Introduction I am going to discuss the way in which the charity, Oxfam has constructed their leaflet and how they have communicated effectively with their target audience. Layout- the Oxfam leaflet is an A3 page and consists of 3 images, and small paragraphs of text. On the front of the leaflet is the Oxfam symbol. The symbol is placed in the middle of the page and stands out so it grabs your attention. It is a soft light green colour. They've used this colour as it associates with environment e.g. crops. On the top of the main page they've asked you ' How can just �2 a month help poor people to help them?' By the side there is an image of �2 pound coins, this image is saying to people that �2 pound is not that much and your contribution will really help. ...read more.


When the reader looks at these images it should make them realise how lucky their lives are and that the people in these countries are worst off than themselves. If you were, to donate �2 a month it would really help them live a better life so they can provide food and shelter for their family, and so health workers can become fully trained to help others in need. At the bottom of the leaflet is a perforated slip to be filled in with your name, address, and bank details and how much you are willing to donate. In bold it has asked you to return the form within the next days 10 days. They have also attached a double-sided letter, which is in much more depth than the leaflet. ...read more.


At the end of the letter the director (Barbara Stocking) has apologised for if they have sent this to you twice, and if they have could you give it to someone else who might help. The language they have used on the leaflet is very persuasive, by how they have asked you for your donation of �2 pound. 'These days �2 won't buy very much. But if you give �2 a month to Oxfam, your donation is stretched much further.' This piece of text should persuade the reader to donate just �2 a month. The language they have used on the letter is soft as this is a compassionate charity and is trying to persuade the reader to donate money to help others in need. 'Could you help some of the poorest people on Earth, by supporting Oxfam with a gift of �2 a month? ...read more.

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