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I am going to focus my coursework on the advertisements found in men's magazines, which are predominantly aimed at men, through selling products concerned with masculinity and male inhibitions.

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English Language AS Media Coursework Introduction I am going to focus my coursework on the advertisements found in men's magazines, which are predominantly aimed at men, through selling products concerned with masculinity and male inhibitions. The advertisements were taken from two different men's magazines - SORTED and FHM. The first is aimed at pubescent teenagers between the ages of eleven and sixteen, the latter at an older audience of young adults in there twenties and people in their late teens. The magazines have quite different audiences and aim to project contrasting images to the readers. The SORTED magazine gives an image of relaxing at home in your spare time and enjoying yourself maybe with a few friends round, whereas the FHM magazine promotes a very fashionable look for going out at the weekends, making you confident and attractive to the opposite sex. Readers of the FHM magazine are likely to be old enough and able to afford the high prices of the products that they are advertising, as they will almost definitely have a source of income from part or full time employment. They are also likely to be very outgoing in their spare time as it gives them a chance to get away from the pressures of life. ...read more.


Co-ordinating conjunctions e.g. "and" are also used to link simple sentences together making the sentence flow better. The use of the second person plural pronouns, "you" (object pronoun) and "your" (possessive pronoun), are used to refer to people and create an assumed relationship between the reader and the writer. Comparative adjectives such as "higher" and "harder" are used in the text and relate to something that has already been done before. They provide information as well as encouraging the consumer to buy the product. The use of attributive adjectives e.g. "new" provide more information about a thing or object, in this case making it seem the product is newer and better than other similar products. The sentences are short to provide a specific point each time and pronouns such as "it " (common) and "Performance System" (proper) refer to the product and language in its specific semantic field. The use of a compound sentence e.g. "You have to work achieve your goals, and then set the bar even higher" brings two sentences together using a co-ordinating conjunction to make the paragraph flow more efficiently. The use of a gerund e.g. "becoming" acts as a kind of encouragement "to become" better at something i.e. ...read more.


Conclusion After analysing the adverts I can conclude that advertising manipulates images and language so that it can gain more sales. The adverts from SORTED magazine, being aimed at younger males, have no sexual content and have more textual information in them, as subtle jokes may not be understood. Also, they related to promoting healthy lifestyles e.g. participating in sport, both basketball and football. Young people can relate to these adverts, as they always want to be involved with the latest fashions and technologies to impress each other. They would not be so suitable in a magazine aimed at older males as they would not stimulate an adults mind and draw them to looking at the advert for more than a couple of seconds. On the other hand with the adverts in the FHM magazine, they are both sexually orientated and are attempt humour. They both promote unhealthy lifestyles of drinking alcohol and misbehaving with the opposite sex, which would not be suitable for young males. They contain language and topics, which may not be understood by younger readers due to its mature editing. Adults relate to these humorous magazines, which promote to the reader, using their products in their leisure time as readers may see it as an escape from the realities of life such as work and family. ...read more.

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