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I was assigned the task of creating a Media product.

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Brief For my A-S level media course I was assigned the task of creating a Media product. First of all, I had to choose the people who would participate in this work with me. With the advice that any group with five plus members made organisation and distribution of tasks very difficult it was agreed that the group I would work with would be a group of four containing Myself, Thomas Homewood, Ben Weeks and Jack Wicket-Padgham. First of all the four of us began thinking of ideas and primarily what type of product would be created. We took into consideration the pros and cons of the two possibilities left on our short-list. They were either a 30 second long Television advertisement, or a 15-20 minute long documentary. A documentary, being up to 20 minutes long, would allow a lot of analysis to be drawn up about the final created product, but to make a documentary we would need to spend vast amounts of time in the filming and editing sections of our work, personally ...read more.


One problem with advertisements is that the creation of a unique piece from scratch can be hampered by the fact that you have witnessed adverts and could try to mimic these; this was one problem, a big problem that we had to overcome. The group decided that it seemed a perfectly rational idea to base the commercial on the mobile phone company "Vodafone". The idea was discussed between the members of the group and eventually an idea was drawn up, and apparently filming could commence immediately. Tom Homewood was the chief engineer behind the idea, although the advert was comical, the rest of the group believed that the advert failed to have any real point or substance to it, and that the majority of people simply would not understand it. We believed that the best way to find out about how people would react to the advert was to get the views of roughly 2o people. ...read more.


The advert features 2 sides playing football, the score is tied and the star player of the featured side receives the ball. He then proceeds to skilfully dribble past every opposing player who dares to stand in his way. All the time this is happening a separate character, a spectator on the side of the pitch is hurling abuse at the featured player. As the main football player reaches the penalty area and proceeds to attempt a shot, he is exaggeratingly fouled by the Goal - Keeper and a penalty kick is awarded. With the match riding on this penalty kick the same spectator who has been unruly proceeds to open a can of beer (The product being advertised) The player runs up and hits the ball, but he clearly sacrifices the penalty, and the game to strike the beer can out of the spectators hand. The slogan then appears (working title) - It's not for pillcoks. Now we are happy with the final product the filming of the product will commence. Daniel Dennord 06/05/2007 ...read more.

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