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I will be comparing the two advertisements on holidays; Dominican Republic and the New Zealand adverts.

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Paul Loughlin 11AW GCSE English Coursework I will be comparing the two advertisements on holidays; Dominican Republic and the New Zealand adverts. In my writing I will be explaining the two adverts and then see what similarities they have and what differences separate the two. Also I will be looking at the different techniques used the advertisements such as colour and layout. The Dominican Republic is showing a beautiful holiday. Its shows a sun kissed Island with crystal clear waters and elegant scenery. The presentation and layout of the Dominican Republic suggests that it is a "plenty to do" holiday. The pictures are a variety of attractive and very exotic images to show the natural landscape of the country, therefore the images suggest the country is unspoilt beaches of golden sand and elegant plants and coast lines. The lack of buildings and people suggest that the island is deserted and that the holiday is peaceful and quiet. ...read more.


and make them feel like they are actually there soaking up the sun enjoying a crisp golden tan with the clear, smooth seawater lapping at their feet. Also the phrase "Here an entire country awaits you" This phrase gives the reader the impression that this holiday is solely for them and all effort would be concentrated on them, The Colour of the advert is used effectively. The pictures use bright colours which create a warm sensation feeling. Also with the slogans and writing in colourful letters it helps when attracting the audience's eye. This holiday is truly and sensation and life changing event. By Contrast the New Zealand advertisement shows a very different type of holiday than the one in the Dominican Republic advert. The sole interest focuses on the large central image which is the main focus point of the advert. It shows an unspoilt natural deserted beach in New Zealand. A young couple have discarded their clothing and a running freely along the edge where the beach meets the sea. ...read more.


The Dominican Republic holiday is a very active based holiday. It is all about getting involved with the various activities, while the New Zealand holiday is all about total relaxation. Also the presentations of the adverts are very different. The New Zealand is very basic and concentrates a one large image and one slogan, while on the other hand, the Dominican Republic advert has a wide variety if images and lots of information to help the reader learn more about the holiday. Another difference between the two is the target audiences. Factors which decide the target audience include the weather and the activities. The Dominican Republic holiday would suit outgoing people while the New Zealand holiday would suit laid back people. If I were to pick one of the holidays, I would choose the Dominican Republic holiday because and an adventurous person and the layout of the advert really catches my eye. However if I was a little older I would of picked New Zealand holiday because with all the stress the tranquil life would help me to relax. Word count: 1,039 ...read more.

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