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ICT AQA 2006-2008 Problem 1, Theme Park

Extracts from this document...


Design Section The design of the solution for Problem One of Lancre Theme Park has asked me, Bernie; to produce a 4 page interactive presentation, which, consists of 3 stages. These are as follows; * Choosing the software that will be used to solve the problem * Planning the solution which means producing design plans that will be followed during implementation. * Producing a test plan that will be used to check that the solution works. Much software is suitable for the task, initially I was undecided, but after looking at the advantages, disadvantages and criteria for the result, it became clearer. I produced a table; a simple layout helped me with my resolution. The choices I had were Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and finally Microsoft Publisher. The use of Microsoft PowerPoint was one of the first ideas; the reason for this was simply that; I had experience with the package, while knowing that the main features I needed were available. PowerPoint is a very powerful tool that allows one to create multimedia presentations. It can be used in a wide variety of contexts from providing an informational backdrop at a poster presentation to enhancing a lecture at conferences, this is a disadvantage to me, because audiences at conferences do not use the screen to touch, instead it is used mainly for viewing. Many users are initially attracted to PowerPoint because of the interactive features PowerPoint provides: animation, hyperlinks, and integration of movies or audio clips. They are also impressed with the aesthetic value PowerPoint seems to bring to a presentation, with its use of exotic colours and designs, numerous fonts and varied templates. These reasons are beneficial in a interactive presentation. The table, which I created, has been pasted below; Advantages Disadvantages Ease of updating information, such as ride names and location. Possible technical difficulties with the loss of data. Word-search capability, which means if a specific word need replacing or modifying, it can be done efficiently. ...read more.


It is the same size as used in the previous design. 'BACK'; The word 'BACK' this time has got a artistic shape surrounding it which will be shown as it adds some stylistic lines to the page making it more appealing to the user, and makes the persons more comfortable when using the interactive presentation in Lancre Theme Park. Pictures; There are only two pictures that need to placed on this page which means I can put them under the park logo and the word 'BACK', this means the stylistic shape surrounding the word is put to good use, because the pictures width will fit the narrowing angle of the figure. Map; The Map is like used before, it is centred in the space left, which will be obvious to the eye because the title will also be centred in the same way. Also the map will be enlarged to give the page less empty space. The more empty space left could signify the fewer things on offer at the Park. Evaluation of Hand Drawn Plan 2 In the subsequent text I will be evaluating my hand drawn plan 2. I will be explaining and describing the same topics as I did in the evaluations of the hand drawn plan 1. In this page I am evaluating the third page I created. There are not a lot of requirements for this page which means there are fewer details to explain. Page 3 of 4 (HAND DRAWN PLAN 2) Home Page Plan; The Plan will be enlarged to such a extent that the majority of the page will be covered with it. Also because of the sheer size I will not put a border around it. It already would gather a lot of attention, and visitors of the park may ignore the right handed menu, and will be distracted. The same layout is used for the menu bar to follow the organised look. ...read more.


1 A& B Allowing the customer to select an area and go to the area page. The link should follow to the correct object when selected. As shown in the screen shot, the presentation does allow the user to select an area on the page. 2A,B& C Does it have a working link from Dragons Lair to the ride information page The link on Dragons Lair should link to the ride information page when touched on. The link on the image does lead to the ride information page, while showing the hotspot. 3 A Must use hotspots for all links When the cursor is on top of a hyperlinked object a hotspot should be shown. The screen shot shows that the hotspot does materialize and so does happen as expected. 4 A& B Hotspot must cover Land of Mysteries and Monsters picture going to the information page The specific hotspot cursor should appear when the user touches the Picture; this image should be linked to the information page. The hotspot does not appear in the screen shot as it is automatically ignored, but I have proved it does become visible and so operates as expected. 5 A Link must be over the park logo with the word back underneath it Both the park logo and 'BACK' should be hyperlinked and so go to a specific page. The testing shows that the interactive presentation is overall problem free, and so this test section also is spot on. 6 A & B Back link must be in the top right hand corner of the page and go to the previous page. When clicked on the page should go onto the previous page. This is a fairly simple test and was easier to create on the presentation, consequently it works. 7 A, B, C & D The hotspots must link to the correct pages All the hotspots should link to correct pages, for example when something is clicked it should go to the page that is hyperlinked to. Majority of procedures are shown, and work fully as expected. The interactive presentation meets all performance criteria given. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Narrative section.

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