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In a world where everyone is affected by advertising, there has to be a way to find out how it is done - I have analysed two leaflets to help me; these are 'Lombard Direct' and 'Freedom Finance'.

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Media In a world where everyone is affected by advertising, there has to be a way to find out how it is done. I have analysed two leaflets to help me; these are 'Lombard Direct' and 'Freedom Finance'. The main similarity between the two leaflets is the audience. Both leaflets aim to persuade young to middle aged adults. The one main difference between the two leaflets is the style of print. 'Lombard direct' uses bold, capital letters on their leaflet symbolising power and strength. 'Freedom Finance' uses small, rounded print symbolising simplicity and a slightly friendly atmosphere. As I have previously mentioned the main similarity between the two leaflets is their target audience. Both texts aim to persuade male persons, aged between 25 and 40 years, who have a well-paid job and a wife, maybe even children. I can tell this because of the complex language used. '...Unsecured...administration...equity...arrears.' The leaflets do this when revealing their statistics and qualities. They do this because it will appeal to their intended audience; also because of the powerful, factual and formal impact it creates. ...read more.


it can seem too blatant and obvious; therefore the reader may be put off. In contrast, 'Freedom Finance' uses an aqua blue colour for their background. This suggests water and possibly purity, so readers may think that the advert is clean; no catches. In the background there is the image of a moon's surface with the foot logo on it. This supports the appeal of achievement and therefore connects with the other emotive sections. When I look at both leaflets I can see a lot of comparisons that are similar. One of these is the tone. In the 'Lombard Direct' leaflet I can highlight a formal, powerful and aggressive tone. The advert is also very informative which adds to the other tones and makes them more powerful and persuasive. It does this by answering most of the questions that the reader will think about at a first glance. This makes it easier to relate to and therefore is emotive and persuasive. The 'Freedom Finance' leaflet has much the same tone as the 'Lombard Direst' leaflet, what with the answers to questions and quite basic but important information. ...read more.


It is a moon with a footprint upon it and underneath it says, 'Someone's found freedom' From this we can tell that the company want the reader to think that they will be free if they choose them, Free of all debts and financial problems. If I were to do some kind of variation of this advertising method, I would present it as a billboard. When doing this I would use a financial focus and a powerful and formal tone. I wouldn't cloud the advert with statistics; I would just include the central image, a slogan along with a company name and telephone number. To make it there is a small example that I have created near to the end. In conclusion I would like to emphasize the fact that both leaflets are very alike. They are similar in numerous ways and have very few differences. Therefore they are both very persuasive to the correct target audience. The 'Freedom Finance' advert is slightly more effective than the 'Lombard Direct' advert. I think this on the basis that that the image in an advertisement is very important. 'Freedom finance' have an image that relates well to the advert. It is also more effective because of the background colour and style of print. ...read more.

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