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In charity adverts there are lots of negative and emotive language because of the people who are suffering around the world, but with product adverts they use positive language for their product, therefore their product

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Advertising is to make something publicly known which many companies and the dual purposes for product produce and charity advertising is to promote the product and increase company's profits and to raise awareness of an issue or charitable cause. There are two types of advertisement we have been studying, which are products and charity/issues. Which will include similarities and differences in the variance of techniques such as persuasive language, emotive language, celebrity endorsement, imperative, pictures and pun. There are many effective forms of advertising for instance promoting a product. One of the product advertisement from a magazines or newspaper we have been studying is L'anza, which is a hair product. The picture shows a woman with curly hair, next to it the product and then the woman with straight hair, therefore it shows the results of the product, a before and after. This specific picture is very effective because it is placed in the centre of the advert and it stands out since it is clear to see. The caption for this advertisement "Go straight, Go smooth, Go get it," is short and simply and the pace is fast and snappy. However there are two techniques used, which are repetition and imperative, which makes it persuasive. ...read more.


Therefore it shows how lucky we are to have all the things that the people don't have in Africa. The advert begins by women carrying their babies and then the babies are covered with bandage looking like mummies. The reason why the babies were like mummies is because they have died of hunger. After the baby's mothers throw their babies into a huge piggy bank. Because of the debt in Africa, but sadly the people in Africa don't have the money to pay the debt, "our babies are dying because of debts," this gives us a gruesome images. When we see the babies thrown into the giant piggy bank, it gives us another point of view, meaning that as the more babies are dying the more debt is building up. However the caption for this advertisement "Bury the debt not the dead" is a use of imperative, which is command to tell us that to forget about the debt, therefore there wouldn't be a huge amount of deaths. Charity advertisements are also to be found in leaflets. One of the charity advertisement leaflets, which we have been studying, is "Oxfam." The caption "Sponsor a child, See the difference." ...read more.


However when they are advertised they both use persuasive language, which makes it emotive in charity adverts and for product advertisement, it persuade people in buying the product. When companies or charity produces these adverts they make sure that they personal address it to the reader and by doing that there are different techniques that are used, like imperatives, which are commands. Also they use celebrity endorsement so that it looks like that if this celebrity looks good in this product, so could I. Therefore the advert is convincing the reader, so they are in control. The pictures that are used are visual images, and in charity advertisements they make the reader feel pity, since what the people in the less developed countries are suffering from. Furthermore in every company and charity they have a logo, therefore it shows their identity and they know where they belong. On the other hand there are difference like in charity adverts there are lots of negative and emotive language because of the people who are suffering around the world, but with product adverts they use positive language for their product, therefore their product will sell. Yet when it comes to presentations charity have very low budgets so there adverts are not as good. In product advertisements they use a particular music to connect with the advert. ?? ?? ?? ?? Natasha Parmar 10KD ...read more.

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