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In my assignment I am going to select one advertisement and analyse the techniques it uses to target its intended audience.

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In my assignment I am going to select one advertisement and analyse the techniques it uses to target its intended audience. The advertisement I have selected is the printed "Sharwood's Food" commercial which uses the slogan, "stir up some passion." From a first glance, the commercial shows three jars of the Sharwood's food product, which are in the foreground. The three jars are half sat in a strip of black. The brand name of the product, Sharwood's, is written in white on top of the black. While the slogan "stir up some passion" is written in purple. There is also a black bold heading saying, "unset the menu" which is set in the centre of the top of the page. The colour in the background is a dark purple. Between the images of the product and the text ("unset the menu") there is a young woman jumping holding green leaves. This advertisements intended target audience is most likely to be designed for people aged twenty to thirty eight. We can tell that this product, in all likely hood, is aimed at that age group as the person in the advertisement is young and full of energy. The uses of colours in it are vibrant and fresh. The food is also mainly suited to people who are most likely to make it and eat it. Someone under eighteen isn't as likely to buy it as someone who is twenty five. ...read more.


For example, in a theatre they have a "green room" where actors, actresses can go to relax before their performance. It is suppose to cleanse and balances our energy, to give a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony. The use of green seems to radiate a feeling of fullness and nature. It seems as though the commercial is saying that the product is full of freshness and goodness. And that the food is all natural and not packed with millions of chemicals, like most jarred food. The use of colour is just one of the techniques it uses to target the intended audience. Another technique is the use of images. There are two images on this printed commercial. There is one of a young woman who is stood in the background. The other image is of three jars of Sharwood's food which are placed in the foreground. The three jars of Sharwood's food are set in the foreground, which is suggesting that the advertisement has the intention of saying it is extremely important. To an extent you could say that it is saying, "You really want me". The images of the jars are set on top of the black background which is contrasting the image making them stand out and grab the audiences' attention. The image is placed left to the brand name of the product and their slogan, which is, "stir up some passion". ...read more.


The word "passion" and "stir up" are closely linked to strong emotions. All in all, the slogan is designed to grab the consumer's attention and succeeds in doing this. The type of font the commercial's texts uses are "funky" or fresh style fonts. "Unset the menu" is done in a font called teen spirit, as you can see. It's bold, and attracts people within the target audience. The slogan "stir up some passion" is in an Asian, Indian or Chinese style, which links closely to the product. In my perspective, there is nothing intrinsically good about advertising. It is a tool, an instrument. It sometimes does have beneficial results but, too often, it seems to be negative, and has harmful impact on individuals and society. This advertisement succeeds fully into manipulating its target audience. Either with the aspiration images, its centre title or slogan. Everything is closely linked within this commercial. The conclusion is that some advertising is simply and deliberately untrue. It is not that advertising says what is overtly false, but that it can distort the truth by implying things that are not so or withholding relevant facts. As Pope John Paul II points out, on both the individual and social levels, truth and freedom are inseparable; without truth as the basis, starting point and criterion of discernment, judgment, choice and action, there can be no authentic exercise of freedom. I always remember if some things are too good to be true, it is mostly that it is. On that note, my conclusion is, "The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple" ~Oscar Wilde ...read more.

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