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In relation to the Honda Hrv 5 door advert and one other car advert of your own design, what techniques do advertisers use to sell cars through the medium of display ads?

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In relation to the Honda Hrv 5 door advert and one other car advert of your own design, what techniques do advertisers use to sell cars through the medium of display ads? Not even today, in the 21st century is it possible for a human being to casually walk down a city street and not have their eyes lured to massive advertising billboards. It's not just there where you're fixed to look, but also in all sorts of magazines and on the Internet. Many display ads contain images and text to ensure they stand out and get noticed. The advertisement of cars is very different to other forms of impulse advertising because buying a new car would cost thousands of pounds whilst, for instance a chocolate bar could be purchased for around about 30 pence. Most product ads would simply have an image of the item, but cars have a slogan aswell, such as ' The tough, new Citroen XL', giving the impression that the car is strong and powerful. Car advertisers aim to get across a different type of image to the reader than the norm, and attempt to make them believe that if they buy the car they'll encounter a new lifestyle. This ad is trying to conjure up an exciting, pulse racing lifestyle, which would bring the owner a more sociable and fun day to day life. ...read more.


The desirable values trying to be sold to us are the car tyres having a firm grip, the rush of excitement and being far spontaneous than normal. The target audience for the Honda HRV advert is men and women in their thirties and fourties. The ad is designed for these type people because it's a family car and spacious. The view of the car from a wide-angle lens supports this. The social group, the men and women are aimed to be are either A, B or possible C1. I found this advert very effective and has been designed extremely well. In my opinion I believe the whole image revolved around the slogan in some way or another, which brought everything together. Making out the car to be the fifth person in the slogan gave the impression the car is one of the family which effectively is vital, as the reader wants the car to fit into their lifestyle. If you were about to buy a new car you'd want a model which your sure you could get to know and love like anyone else, which is exactly what's happened in the advert itself. The family have grown to trust the car and be able to leave it wide open and on its own without being stolen so they can enjoy their lives more thoroughly. ...read more.


The reader is supposed to get the impression that if they buy the car they'll be rewarded with a new pulse racing lifestyle. The advert also makes it seem that the reader would become a risk taker if they bought the car. I've done this by putting smoke in the image to prevent the speed camera from recording the registration number. This will make the reader think he'll have an advantage over other car drivers. The trees play a vital part in my advert because they represent speed, which is the BMW xxx's best feature. Any man who knows a bit about cars would realise that if he wants to get a woman this could be his perfect method. Most women are attracted to a nice guy who's riding round in a flash car. This would bring the driver a more social and out-going lifestyle. I believe my advert is very effective and shows the type of lifestyle any man is entitled to lead. My target audience has been aimed at men in there twenties and I think my advert would appeal to each and every one of them. All of the images in my advert link together well, to produce a risk taking world based on enjoying and having an exciting lifestyle. The readers are given a clear image of the car and what its main qualities are, for their benefit. Overall my advert should make people think about what car they are best suited too and that the BMW xxx is the car for them. ...read more.

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