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In the following essay, I intend to explore the way the film, Ice age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs is promoted using posters and trailers.

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Media- Film The most popular time for going to see films is in the summer. This is because many children are on summer holiday from school. Going to see films is a form of escape for everyone; the cinema is reasonable priced and can be universally enjoyed. To ensure a film's success as a summer blockbuster, film promoters use a number of techniques to appeal to their target audience and attract cinema goers. Films are promoted by many different forms of advertisement. Promoters use movie trailers or teasers to attract their target audience to gain interest and make the target audience really want to see the films when it is released. Movie trailers or teasers can be seen on television through advertisement and also can been seen on the internet. Films are also advertised by poster and through radio. This summer a number of big blockbuster films are about to hit the screens. Due for general release this summer are films like G-Force, Aliens in the attic, Harry Potter and the half blood prince, Ice age 3, Bandslam and Transformers 2. In the following essay, I intend to explore the way the film, Ice age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs is promoted using posters and trailers. ...read more.


These are very important for shaping meaning in the film as well as in other visual texts. The genre of the film is implied by animation. The violence depicted in this animation is very discreetly implied with a light tone and a very low sense of threat or menace. Also, the humorous tone and stylised nature of the animation serve to lessen the impact of those scenes that contain violence. Audience interest is generated by identifying and appealing to the target audience is often integral to the content, style and genre of the film. I think the poster is effective because it targets the audience they want to attract to come see the film. They have used backgrounds and colour effectively and also used graphics for impact. The film trailer shows at first who produced the film which is 20th Century Fox. The trailer shows you some scenes from the film with a narrator at the beginning describing and promoting the film to make it interesting and giving the movie edge. Then the characters take over, and say their lines in the scene. ...read more.


The technique usually involves filming two images simultaneously, with two cameras positioned side by side, generally facing each other and filming at a 90 degree angle via mirrors, in perfect synchronization and with identical technical characteristics. When viewed in such a way that each eye sees its photographed counterpart, the viewer's visual cortex will interpret the pair of images as a single three-dimensional image. New techniques are currently being developed in interactive movies; introduce an extra dimension into the experience of viewing movies, by allowing the viewer to change the course of the movie. In traditional linear movies, the author can carefully construct the plot, roles, and characters to achieve a specific effect on the audience. Interactivity, however, introduces non-linearity into the movie, such that the author no longer has complete control over the story, but must now share control with the viewer. There is an inevitable trade-off between the desire of the viewer for freedom to experience the movie in different ways, and the desire of the author to employ specialized techniques to control the presentation of the story. Computer technology is required to create the illusion of freedom for the viewer, while providing familiar, as well as, new cinematic techniques to the author. ...read more.

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