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In the Nick of Time

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In the Nick of Time Advertising is to publicise the qualities of a product, service, business, or event in order to encourage people to buy or use it. In the modern times that we live in, advertising comes in many different forms and in various different media types. It ranges from being used by big multi-million dollar companies who use various techniques to sell their products, to the average man trying to sell his car in the local newspaper. Adverts appeal mostly to the sub-conscious part of the brain and companies who are trying to make you buy their product lure you in with catchy slogans and a enticing man or women depending on which gender they are trying to appeal to in that particular advert. They hope that your sub-conscious will pick up on the qualities of their product or brand and later be reminded of it whilst doing the shopping. Such modern medias which are used for advertising are as follows; the internet survives primarily on the fact that people will pay to have their adverts publicised on a popular web-site. Television also benefits from advertising, a lot of popular programs are sponsored by companies wanting to advertise their products and television commercial breaks are now so common that statistics show that over 65% of television time is dominated by pure advertising. The VW Audi advert, "In the nick of time" incorporates a very interesting story line, the advert is very different to most other adverts as the viewer's attention is drawn to strong narrative but also incorporates a great deal of information about the qualities of the car. ...read more.


The car then drives through a modern tunnel, which contrasts with the ancient architecture shown previously. The fact that the car fits perfectly in both types of scenery shows it to be modern yet having the style to remain a classic. The car is then driving in the direction of the town and is confronted by a disturbing shadowy man in the tunnel. The story has added in this man to promote the cars good features further more by showing the strength of the car and how unphased the car and its passengers are by the rather dubious looking figure. Outside, the world is threatening and dangerous, whilst within the car, father and son are safe, stressing the Audi's safety and security. Mysterious looking buildings are sighted ahead, the weather takes a change for the worst, torrential rain starts pouring down, and the sky starts to darken. The rain droplets bounce of the car showing it to be resistant and powerful. As the car tackles the adverse weather conditions it passes a mosque and the viewer can notice the middle European architecture. I think that the passing through the mosque was not a random decision by VW Audi, but in fact a carefully thought out choice, they are trying to convey that this car is ideal for every one no matter their colour, race or religion. The driver then passes through a fairground which inside its border contains a ferris wheel, coinciding with the circle imagery being used throughout because of the Audi symbol and also later apparent because of the circle of life, and the new Audi being the new generation of car. ...read more.


They have also used circular imagery to promote the cars smooth curves and amazing ability to handle corners, reinforced through the constant use of object such as the zoetrope and the carousel being depicted in the background. The 'new generation' theme of the car is brought out by the birth of the baby and the new addition to the circle of life. This is saying that throughout the ages Audi will constantly bring out new cars in order to keep with the times, and always "advance through technology". With the help of Hitchkockian suspense methods and dooming background music the advert manages to entice the viewer, ensuring they remain loyal till the end of the advert. The music being played throughout the advert also helps make it effective. The advert begins with classical music, and changes to become dramatic and gallant as the advert progresses, creating a heroic atmosphere as the car faces up to the tests being confronted with and succeeding. This is clearly apparent as the car confronts the pouring rain and the music gets louder and makes the viewer proud of the car's performance and beguiles them to purchase it. The car is shown to be safe and secure by protecting its passengers and proving to be a harmonious ride inside contrasting with the hostile environment and gruelling weather conditions of the outside world. The fact the Audi is a family car is emphasised by the apparent bond between the father and son, exacerbated further by the closed space within the car and how content the two feel in each others company. Ori Raveh 10 DST ...read more.

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