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In this age of instant electronic and digital news sources, newspaper sales are in steady decline. How are British newspapers striving to attract and hold readers?

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In this age of instant electronic and digital news sources, newspaper sales are in steady decline. How are British newspapers striving to attract and hold readers? In this essay I am going to address the issue of instant news in our society and look into the techniques that newspapers are using to hold their place in the market. In answering this question I will also need to establish what is meant by "instant and digital news" and how it is used by society in a way that is relevant to British newspapers. I plan to look at the types of digital news, how they effect the British newspaper industry, why they have this affect and what British newspapers are doing to keep their audience segment. Instant electronic and digital news has increased in our society mostly during the last two decades, in the way of the Internet and on our televisions. In the 1450's Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. Before this news was spread very slowly by word of mouth. This revolutionary development allowed news to be printed and meant that news could travel faster and more accurately. At the time the printing press was seen in the same way we now look at the Internet and digital television. It meant news could travel faster and made particular skills redundant, as does the arrival of digital news today. ...read more.


This is very similar to Rupert Murdoch's ingredients he used for The Sun which, up to now, has been the most successful British newspaper. The fact we live in an information society means there is lesser need for papers. 30 years ago people would buy a newspaper to find out what was happening in the world. Now they can sit at their computer screen, switch on their television or even look at their mobile phone to find out what is going on in the world. Information is much easier to get hold of than it used to be and to some people reading a newspaper may be the hard way of finding news compared to other methods within our reach today. The availability of 24-hour news has revolutionised television news. Whereas news was on at set times and updated in hourly intervals, now news can be updated when it happens. This means that the fact that newspapers can only update their story once or twice a day puts them at a huge disadvantage. People want to know the most up-to-date news they can and 24-hour news gives them this opportunity. The fact that more people drive to work effects newspaper sales, mainly in the broadsheet segment of the market. People who used to commute to work in the city's would often buy newspapers to read on there journey in the morning, now they drive and don't need to read the newspaper to keep themselves entertained in the morning rush. ...read more.


They aim at office worker who will have easy access to computers and their online papers. It appears that currently the newspapers may cause an information divide. The higher-class members of our society will become more and more informed and the lower classes will become less and less informed. However, there are drawbacks to electronic newspapers. They are not portable, not available to everyone and many people find it uncomfortable to read off a computer screen. Newspapers can challenge all these reasons. They are portable and can be carried around as they are light. They are available to a mass audience because they are both cheap and easily accessible and they are not difficult to read. For these reasons I personally believe that British newspapers will always remain. They are not just a source of news but are built into the British institution. Newspapers are by no means old fashioned. They are all modernising, most papers now have their own online set up and many have phone and text polls to keep up with the raise in the popularity of mobile society. The British newspaper industry is good at reacting to change and has dealt with the invention of radio and television. Some people feel that there will not be place for newspapers in an ever-crowding market place. But in media crowding it has been shown that while there is rivalry there will be room for everybody. Newspapers have fought against the odds before and will continue to do so. Sarah Browning 12E 01/05/07 1 AS Level Media Studies ...read more.

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