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In this assignment I am going to be looking at two advertisements on Asda one of which is a newspaper advert and the other is a television advert.

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Luke Judge English Media Assignment In this assignment I am going to be looking at two advertisements on Asda one of which is a newspaper advert and the other is a television advert. First of all I will look at the newspaper advert. The advert firstly grabs your attention with the words LOW PRICES ON PARTY ESSENTIALS! These words are white on top of a red background with gold stars surrounding the statement; this immediately gets your attention because of the lively colored background with plain letters in front of it. The words are used to evoke a sense that all of their prices are going to be low on party products and with it being Christmas people will want low prices on these kinds of products. ...read more.


The last thing the advert draws you to is the Asda logo ASDA Price Always LOW PRICES at the bottom of the advert I think this is left till last to give the impression that the low prices are more important than the name Asda. All in all the advert is using a picture of a well known Christmas icon and the price tickets with the low prices promised in the title to persuade the person viewing the advert to shop at Asda if they want to save money at Christmas. I will now look at the television advert. I think the television advert is much more affective at getting their point of low prices at Asda across in comparison with the newspaper advert, the use of the moving picture and sound draws the viewing public into the advert. ...read more.


The advert then moves to a table full of Christmas party food like sausage rolls, turkey and crisps with the words 'there's a feast of party food for under three pound a head' re-emphasizing how low Asda prices are, followed are the words 'At Asda the wife and I certainly get more for our money, which is very handy, especially when everybody turns up for dinner ha ha' then farther Christmas slaps his wife's back pocket which is Asda's trade mark on the television for saving money. The final thing the advert shows you is the same logo that grabs your attention last on the newspaper advert, their own name. In conclusion the two adverts are both affective in many ways but I feel that the television advert is much more affective due to the advantage of sound and the moving picture. ...read more.

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