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In this essay I am going to look at two non-fiction sources of media that are biased, one of the media is a newspaper article about the Craig and Bentley case and the other source of media is the film Let him have it

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"Let him have it" In this essay I am going to look at two non-fiction sources of media that are biased, one of the media is a newspaper article about the Craig and Bentley case and the other source of media is the film "Let him have it" Which is about the same case. I am going to examine some of the techniques that the journalists use in the article. I am also going to Write about emotional language, information that is left out of the article and the Facts about the case. The Craig and Bentley case hinges on the meaning of the words Derek Bentley used on the roof of the night of the shooting "Let him have it" These words could be interpreted in two ways. One way could mean shoot the police officer to get him off Christopher Craig. Another way this could be interpreted is give the police man the gun. I am going to discuss how the film and article are biased. The word "Biased" Means something is emphasised more on one side than another without knowing the other facts that could change the meaning of the case. The Article is quite biased and has left some important information out that could persuade the reader to think differently about the Craig and Bentley case. ...read more.


Some things in the Article were presented as facts where as they are in fact opinions. "Two suspicious armed men" This is not a fact this is an opinion this is very biased towards Craig and Bentley because it implies that they were out to commit a murder not a robbery. "Ruthless raiders" Is also an opinion presented as fact this suggests that they were master criminals but in fact they was not. In the film there are many scenes that show bias, by using different lighting, music, and camera techniques, and script. In this case however the film clearly wants to use Derek Bentley as a victim. In the opening sequence the lighting is dark and dull. Orange is used to show fire and then the camera shows close up shots of events happening everyone looks confused. The close up shots show bias in the way they just show different tragic events happening this is not biased towards Bentley at the very beginning but then the camera zooms in on Derek Bentley after hearing the words "Derek" Repeatedly used by the father so we recognise who the character is covered in rubble from the bombing. The music in the opening sequence kept getting louder at the beginning this is to draw your attention into the film right at the beginning and then the camera zoom shot and show you who you are feeling sympathetic for and why. ...read more.


This caused the feeling of tension between the judge and the rest of the court. Slow panning around the room was used to show peoples expressions, which seem cold and non-sympathetic towards Derek. Then showing his expression, which is very venerable. Just After Derek was sentenced to death there was a low angle shot at Derek Bentley this was important because it shows him as heroic for it has the audience looking at him so the lighting is coming out of his behind him symbolic to his innocence. Derek Bentley had a lot of support from the country it showed this when the post man brought in a sack full of letters from people trying to help but none of this helped Derek Bentley was still hung and this shows biased towards him that the fact they just ignored it. In the execution scene dark lighting was used to show death and depression. The camera used panning around the room again to show peoples expressions and at the final part when Derek gets executed bright lighting was used to show saintly. Bias functions a lot in the media and can present opinions as facts and use emotional language to sway it's readers or audience, whereas the film uses different camera shots and lighting to set a certain mood. All non-fiction texts are biased, and we have to be careful about realising how our opinions are influenced. ...read more.

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