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In this essay I shall give reference to what news is and the manipulation used by News agencies who select information at a particular time for a particular audience, giving examples of two news articles

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Media Shelina Samaroo U206 22nd October 2004 In this essay I shall give reference to what news is and the manipulation used by News agencies who select information at a particular time for a particular audience, giving examples of two news articles I have found in 'The Guardian' news paper to help portray how they achieve this. News is fresh events reported through media. It is most often than not stories that effect people all over the world. News is gathered mainly by primary research in order to be accurate in articles written and to find a angel to the story. When news agencies (which are companies that supply most of the media in the western world, with stories of major events and the way they should be perceived by readers) decides a story does not fit in with their agenda they do not print it and leave readers uninformed. Usually stories that seem more important to the readers are used. Once the articles have been written up it is then up to the Gatekeeper who is usually a news editor or sub-editor decides which stories make the final cut and once they have been chosen ...read more.


This article was ambiguous in the sense it was clear to say his teacher believe she had helped him to cheat but the evidence and result of the claims were not clear at all. It was just hype about an allegation. The article goes on to saying in the tapes Harry confessed, "I was like a sentence in it" referring to his course work that his teacher did most of the written work for. She claimed she was told by the head of the art department that she had to 'prepare explanatory text which accompanied a series of digital photographs Harry had put together for an AS project.' An article like this is quite meaningful to the public because majority believe no matter who commits the deviance they should be put through investigation and if found guilty should be punished accordingly like any normal citizen. His teacher claimed she had been unfairly dismissed from her job due to the raised concerns she put forward to the headmaster. Although he insists it had nothing to do with the alleged allegations but in fact due to her not having any formal teaching qualifications although she did have a MA in art. ...read more.


This is probably why it was further back in the newspaper. This is an example of a low frequency article because they don't have all the facts Personalisation would be a strong news value for this article because it does and would affect many people all over the world. In that way it also ties in with meaningfulness. I expect this story will eventually gain continuity when more information is acquired. This sort of article brings composition to the newspaper, this is because it is a source of good news in balance to the bad news. In my opinion knowledge of a cure for malaria that could help hundreds of thousands of people from a life threatening disease is a much more important current affair that readers should be prioritised over Harry's cheating, although true he should be punished the way any other pupil else where without the title 'Prince' should be it is hardly as important as the malaria article yet still gatekeepers decided to place Harry's story on page 3 and not a word of the malaria article pop's up until page 17, even though both are not very ambiguous the Prince Harry story was chosen over the malaria one. ...read more.

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