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In this essay I will be examining how powerful a poster can be in many different ways.

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Coursework: Power of the Poster In this essay I will be examining how powerful a poster can be in many different ways. A poster's purpose is to draw public attention to, or to promote, direct or indirect, an organisation, a product etc... Sex appeal is frequently used in advertising. Everyone or almost everyone is attracted to the idea of sexy people although often the sex appeal used has nothing to do with the product itself. 'The One and Only Wonderbra' 1994, Playtex It is an image of the model Eva Herzigova in her underwear advertising the bra, with the slogan "Hello Boys" in bold capital and fairly big writing. The poster stopped traffic due to being pasted on billboards showing Eva Herzigova looking down on her breasts and that caused national controversy, calling it "the poster image of the 90s". ...read more.


The poster by Savile Lumley - "Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?" [UK 1915] This is a good example; the poster has an image of a father with two kids. His daughter is sitting on the arm of her father's chair. The son is situated on the floor in front of the chair, playing with army figures. The girl asks "Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?" The father has one hand placed under his chin as if he is thinking about the question and stares out the poster at its audience. It was designed to persuade people to join the army. The word 'YOU' is in bold, capitals and underlined in the girl's question, directing the viewer to them. It makes the reader think about themselves and what they've done for their country. ...read more.


These couples are displaying that it does not matter who you are but kissing is fine and does not kill. Underneath the poster it has an anti government slogan implying that it is the government that are not taking the right action against the AIDS fight. This poster is aimed at the Government and trying to remind the government that it is their responsibility to combat AIDS it also is mocking the small minded attitude of them and pointing out that AIDS is a political crisis as well. In comparison to the previous poster this is far more sympathetic and thoughtful it also is calming. This poster is also very thought provoking by looking and considering relationships and not casual sex it also requires a response from the audience. This is very good as it makes the audience think and take it in mentally where as the previous poster is very aggressive and hard hitting without any sympathy. ...read more.

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