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In this GCSE English Media coursework I will be comparing two mobile phone advertisements.

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In this GCSE English Media coursework I will be comparing two mobile phone advertisements. There are four factors in this essay I will be tanking about and these are purpose, contents, layout and the use of language. After I have compared the two mobile phone advertisements I will by writing a conclusion about witch mobile phone advertisements I thought was better and which was more attractive. Purpose The overall purpose of both adverts is the same that is to sell phones but there is another purpose for '25 hours free calls', its purpose is to sell as many phones as it can on a new deal. It has to display the new deal with all it details and also additional options. As the reader looks at the advert they can see the purpose clearly in an instant on the top of the page and beside it the orange logo. ...read more.


The use of the word "FREE" is used a lot throughout the advert to make the reader think that the mobile is very cheap. It shows information on the measurements of the phones and also the facts like how long talk-time it has this allows the customer to compare both phones and make a good decision. It also contains information on the websiet and places to go to get more information on this deal. Unlike the advert callen 'choose a phone' it shows a lot of information on the people you can contact to answer your questions. In the advert called 'choose a phone' it has not as much information as the advert called '25 hours free calls' but it does give a lot of useful information it also contains useful information that is not linked to selling the phone but they use those facts to sell their accessories. ...read more.


It displays the two phones besides each other and in the middle they show the free things you can get and what they are worth. The advert called 'choose a phone' uses a few bold text sections but it also has a picture of a persons face sideways and underneath his face it says "did you know" so the reader is automatically attracter to read it. The layout of the advert called 'choose a phone' is sort of set out in two columns with pictures in them. Conclusion By reading and comparing the two mobile phone adverts above I have come to a conclusion that the advert that I like the most is the one called 'choose a phone' because it is more formal and it is straight to the point unlike the first advert which gives the reader lots of options to choose from. Aleem Riaz 10078688 Group C 1 GCSE English (Media) ...read more.

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