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Initially my group and I had decided to do three different adverts on the same event. We planned on doing

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Section 2 Initially my group and I had decided to do three different adverts on the same event. We planned on doing the 3 adverts on the Suffolk show and having each one as a different theme, for example 1 for adults, 1 for younger people and 1 simply to promote the event. However after making a jingle to experiment with the equipment we have now decided otherwise. We have now decided to do three different adverts on three different local events, these events are the Suffolk Show, the Suffolk Air Show and a music band called REM who are performing at the Ipswich Regent. ...read more.


Also we will need to consider the pace of our adverts as we have found out from our questionnaire that more people find it easier to understand an advert if the pace is slower. However making the advert too slow will restrict us from how much information we can put in as we have a time limit of 30secs so this is an important factor to consider when writing up our advert. Something else we need to consider is making people remember the event and how to book their tickets etc... so we will need to think about what to repeat such as telephone numbers and how many times to repeat it but we need to remember our time limit and our pace of the advert. ...read more.


In our REM advert as I said before we have decided to play back a couple of REM's hit songs to remind people of their music and maybe encourage them to come. Research has told us that more people listen to the radio in the morning when they wake up, and when they drive to and home from work. Therefore putting these adverts more in morning slots may have a bigger effect. Overall there are a lot of points we need to consider when making our adverts but the main thing to keep in mind is the time limit as we have only 20-30 seconds. This is not a lot of time at all as we experienced from making our jingles. ?? ?? ?? ?? Edward Dam ...read more.

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