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Intro to Pro Communication #2

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LECTURE 2 BRAND PORTFOLIO QUESTIONS 1. Lecture 2 highlights the difference between the 4 P's and the 4 C's. The Marketing Mix The marketing mix is the necessary building block which allows the promotion of a successful product. Contemporary marketing states "the branding strategy is the core of product strategy. Promotion is done around the brand; price is also set on the basis of its brand; even place also focus on the distribution of brand". 1 Therefore in order to successfully promote a product all aspects of the marketing process must be achieved to reach its potential. These aspects follow: - Developing the product - Pricing it - Promoting it - Deciding which place or places the product will be distributed. Product: Product is the main influence of a consumers experience when purchasing a brand due too two reasons. Firstly, through the product the consumer has to form perceptions about the product. For example aspects like quality, value for money or durability are considered. ...read more.


They wanted accessories, apparel and shoes that were fashionable and practical. Last Chance agreed to work with Pioneer in order to launch three main footwear products into the Australian Market. These products were stated as being "a product like anything that can be offered to a market to grape attention, for acquisition, use or consumption that might address buyers' wants or needs"3. The chosen three categories were the following; 1. Casual footwear. Shoes suitable for those who are looking to get better freedom and feel relaxed whilst walking. 2. Sport sandals. Shoes aimed at teenagers and summer walking shoes. 3. Formal shoes. Shoes intended for elderly people and businesspeople. Last Chance put forward the following questions in order to maintain the desired efficiency desired by the Australian market. These included * Who is the target of Pioneer casual shoes? * What is the market value of footwear in Australia? * What are people's preferences * What distribution strategy should be followed? ...read more.


Logo: The premise behind the logo creates a sense of a higher class. The defined golden "P" surrounded by a black smooth square and simple letters to me represent the assured quality behind the product. The logo is a source of equity. The golden reflects sunny, vivid, alive image and, moreover, gold can be paired with higher class. It presents a positive and noble image. "P" logo with the golden color represents alive, positive and a royal attitude. Packaging: Since Pioneer is a high price and high quality product targeting the upper class business man the packaging acts as an element that facilitates a consumer's desire for buying. Through the use of canvas material (a durable substance) it reflects the long lasting element of the shoe. The fashionable design of the packaging resonates with other people as they easily recognize the brand when they see the logo on the packaging. This can stimulate the consumer's ego. Furthermore with this good packaging design it can help the consumer with storage which again is another benefit of purchasing a product from this brand. ...read more.

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