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introduction to media industries

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BTEC FIRST DIPLOMA IN MEDIA INTRODUCTION TO MEDIA INDUSTRIES (UNIT 1) TASK 1 TV director The job I would do in the future is a TV director. Director's job is to guide the actors, performers and technical staff (managing the placement of cameras, lighting elements, microphone and props) to understand the inventive understanding of the treatment. Directors work intimately among the producer and link with the editor in post-production. According to Skillset website, television Directors work across all genres, including news, sport, documentaries, current affairs, light entertainment, children's programmes, situation comedies, soaps or serial dramas, or one-off dramas. In order to do this job, I need to appreciate all sides of television production and post production processes, and be responsive of and value the contribution of all crew members to the creation of the final programme and must be aware of the technical staff. Skills needed in this particular job are: * Good communication skills * Imitative * Confidence * Enthusiasm and tenacity * Reliability and commitment * Knowledge of the industry and what is going on * Marketing and business skills * Financial skills * Ability to work well (safety) ...read more.


There are many media trade publication that can be found in many places whether it is local, national newspaper or notice board. These newspapers such as Guardian have special pages for advertising media jobs every week. Job centres: Another way of finding jobs is going to your local job centres. It is free to use and these job centres aimed to promote unemployed people to find jobs or get training. In addition, job centre offers a service for businesses wanting to advertise a job. Yell.com: There are many website that can be used for searching job. One of these websites that offer this service is yell.com. It has a big database of employment agencies across different location in the UK. These methods I mentioned above are the most common one nowadays and as time pass there will be another method invented to cut the number of unemployed people down. TASK 2 There are different contracts in the media sector and each of them has its own advantage and disadvantage: Freelance: Before I point out its advantage and disadvantage of working as freelancer, we need to understand what freelance means. ...read more.


Advantage: Employees will think they have a level of safety for the reason that they have full-time position and employees will have a sense of control and self-importance because simply they are the only who will be working on that full-time position. Employment benefits are available for employees who are working in full-time positions. Disadvantage: Doing full-time position will take most of your time as a result you will have less time for yourself and your family and you cannot do more than one job. TASK 3 The perfect media job for me more likely to be a graphic designer. This job suits me because I am the kind of person who has good visual communication skills, experienced in graphic design and photographic skills. If I have the opportunity to work in this field, I am sure that I will be the right candidate for this type of job. Graphic designer's job is to generate highly creative on screen graphics. All in all, I feel doing this job is enjoyable for me because it is where I try to capture the beauty that is around us in the world by presenting the truth, at least from my personal point of view using the latest software and technology. ______________________________________________________________________ ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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