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Is the media too powerful?

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AS General Studies - Timed Essay David Dean Is the media too powerful? Exposure to the media is a constant event. It begins as soon as the radio or televisions are turned on, or as soon as a newspaper or magazines are opened. The television, radio, newspaper and magazines are all ready to give us their spin on the top stories of the day. Some try to give us facts, with as little of their input and thoughts as possible. While others work only on rumours, or give us facts but slanted to their way of thinking. The media contributes to public opinion and provides understanding of the news. ...read more.


Newspapers and magazines shape people's views and opinions. Newspapers have diverse content, producing in detail stories and news analysis. They represent many perspectives with a wide range in subject matter. Some newspapers are gossip oriented (mainly tabloids such as The Sun/Mirror), while others are news and analysis oriented (mainly broadsheets such as The Times). Magazines appeal mainly to the elite, well educated, and the opinion leaders. Generally, magazines are to the point, interpretive and more comprehensive than newspapers. Radio and television have a significant place among the media. Television produces on the spot broadcasts of major events, documentaries, political views and opinions, terrorist episodes, and international crises. ...read more.


With just the way the media asks a question, they can slant how the public will view the story or situation. Concluding, I feel that the media is too powerful (in all areas) and should be held accountable for the information that is reported, and be held to verify information instead of going for "sensationalism". Well-known individuals, celebrities, and ordinary individuals should not feel threatened by the media. The media is a special interest group of sorts, having their own special interest at heart, and should not be given a protection to hide behind. As rules and laws are made for the benefit of all people, media integrity should take on a new dimension. The media is caught between freedom and responsibility, with government taking a stand on issues regarding individual rights to privacy and security as a whole. ...read more.

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