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It is my duty to ensure that all members of the band and entourage are aware of the health and safety implications of using computers. I have decided to design a simple poster to illustrate to staff the dos and dont of using a computer.

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Task 5-Safety First It is my duty to ensure that all members of the band and entourage are aware of the health and safety implications of using computers. I have decided to design a simple poster to illustrate to staff the do's and don't of using a computer. Research I did some research into the major health issues associated with the use of computers. I decided to use the internet to do this. There are many websites on the internet and so to cut down my search, I used a Boolean search, which is using words such as 'and', 'not' and 'or'. Using '+', and other operations would also help me to find the websites I needed e.g. 'computer + health and safety'. By typing this in, I found many useful websites. The main, understandable websites I found were: * www.learninglink.ac.uk/keepfit/ * www.utoronto.ca/safety/ergoweb/vdt.html * www.intranet.westminster.org.uk/help/general/Health_Safety/H_S.asp * www.ehs.ohio-state.edu/index.asp?PAGE=ohse.computer * www.healthycomputing.com/office/setup I also used www.waverley.gov.uk/environment/has_computer.asp which proved to be a very useful website. Major Health and Safety Issues Associated with the Use of Computers From looking at these websites, I got some ideas of the safety issues ...read more.


However, I soon realised that Word Processor is mainly a type of software used for writing text e.g. letters and stories. Word Processor also pushes the text out of the way when a picture is inserted. Comparing MS publisher to Word clearly showed me that MS Publisher was a more suitable software. Using MS publisher has many advantages like having more control over the way in which text is laid out compared with an ordinary word processor. Pictures and text boxes can be laid out extremely accurately, giving a professional look to my poster. Therefore, using this software for my poster is ideal and MS Publisher proved to have many advantages in producing my poster. Format of posters Now that I had done some research and found some information to put into my poster, I looked at posters on walls to get a rough idea of how big my poster should be, what it should look like and how much information should be included. I realised that most of them had big, eye-catching titles and very little writing. ...read more.


I made the following adjustments: * My friend had pointed out that my title could be bigger and bold so that it was more eye-catching. * My friend pointed out that my poster could be much more exciting by adding a background, and more colour. Therefore, I added a background. * My friend also pointed out that my poster was too plain and 'dull'. He also told me that there were too many white bits on my poster, and more colour was needed. Therefore, I chose to fill the title's background yellow and the other text boxes light purple. Overall, all these modifications contributed to the overall professional manner of my poster, making it eye-catching and bright. I then printed out the last and final version of my poster, which came out to be in total, nine pages. All these pages contained tiles, which made it easy to cut and stick these pages together, so that all the words and all the pictures joined up accurately. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to cut and stick these pictures together, however I still think my poster is big, eye-catching and easy to understand. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amar Thakrar 10A ...read more.

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