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James bond "Quantum of Solace" opening scene review.

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It's that time of year where the James Bond fanatics go crazy for the new release of their latest film 'Quantum of Solace.' The action packed blockbuster includes the usual cars, gadgets, guns and gorgeous half dressed women and Bond himself sure not to disappoint. Even though we all know what to expect, many of us still want to go and see the familiar films due to the talented 'James Bond,' This approach has worked for years and has never been changed, but it is more appealing to the younger generation. ...read more.


Another piece of imagery which creates tension and thrill is once another close up shot when the villains' car is headed into a huge a huge truck which is about to crash into them, and it is as if we are put in the position of sitting in the back seat which suddenly makes us scared and nervous because we almost feel as if we are going to die as well. Once more, in another piece of imagery we can see the villains' car in front and a gunshot coming out from the back right seat, as they are in hope of shooting Bond, but as always the swanky James Bond is not killed. ...read more.


In all of these scenes/images the speed of the shots and effects are all very quick as we instantly flick from one image to another. Throughout the movie, effects are sharp, loud, quick, along with very effective as they are mainly diagetic sounds though many were non diagetic. During the opening scene it was surprising that the non diagetic sounds worked superbly as it was most effective. The opening scene is made exciting as the director uses such loud diagetic and non diagetic sounds as the roaring car engines together with the loud thundering gun shots creates tension between us whilst the daring Bond dodges every possible car and obstacle in his way, in addition to doing everything Bond does best! ...read more.

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