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James bond review

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How do the filmmakers refresh the bond franchise in Casino Royale? This is an essay discussing "how the filmmakers refresh the Bond franchise in Casino Royale". I will explain the Bond genre characteristics; how they are used in Casino Royale; how the characteristics used affect the audiences perception of Bond, and a concluding paragraph. My first thoughts on this question are that there are obviously some intrinsic aspects of the Bond films which are important and therefore should be kept, such as: that James Bond is so suave and sophisticated in his suit and bow tie which no other spy wears, and how the villains are always physically scarred or crippled in some kind of way, implying (subconsciously) to the audience that they are evil and are therefore cursed. First of all, James Bond is one of the most famous fictional characters of all time. He has been played by as many actors as hours in the school day. The directors have to find an actor who is: good looking, suave looking, looks good in a suit and of course he must be very fit, for all of the chases he must endure! Directors are also always looking for new characteristics an actor can bring to the role, for instance I believe that Daniel Craig has brought a kind of "hard man" aspect which I think is what Ian Flemming originally intended James Bond to look like and is one example of how the role has been refreshed. ...read more.


The burning question for women is "Will Bond ever get together with miss Moneypenny" for there is always that chemistry between them, and everyone knows that Miss Moneypenny is deeply in love with him. However this is not used in "Casino Royale". What makes "Casino Royale" special in this department is that, the Bond girl is no ordinary Bond girl. She is still very beautiful to look at, which still keeps the male audience enticed, however she is very intelligent, is not a real spy for she is an accountant for MI6 and does not succumb to Bond so easily. In the first scene where she (Vesper Lynd) and Bond meet on the train, she basically says to him now and then, "look buddy, I'm going to be a lot more difficult than all my predecessors!", which is comic because of the face she leaves on Bond. Most of the way through the film she winds up Bond, by outsmarting him which makes him feel not so arrogant anymore, and makes him want her more. Eventually, Bond falls for Vesper and likewise, and they leave together to travel the world, and Bond vows to resign from MI6. Bond shows his love for Vesper when he dives into deep water risking his own life in order to save hers, and cries after realizing that she is dead. This is only seen in one another Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", except he marries her (Tracy Di Vicenzo), but she is assassinated shortly after. ...read more.


I think this is key to refreshing the Bond franchise. After losing a poker game, Craig goes to the bar and orders (as you would guess) a dry martini, but when the barman asks him "shaken or stirred", he replies with "Do I look like I give a damn!". this really does highlight the difference between the different Bonds and the audience how unbelievably tense he is. Another one of his catchphrases, is world famous and is definitely the first thing that enters my head when I think of the James Bond films. He says it when he greets an enemy, or a woman which catches his eye. He says "the names Bond, James Bond". He uses this catchphrase in "Die Another Day" when he meets Jinx (Halle Berry) on the beach at a very exotic location. Again each actor uses the same line but in different styles. To summarise, the filmmakers include a lot more action in the new James Bond films, and Bond is now not looking so invincible but more human with faults and weaknesses. For after a fight in an older film he wouldn't have a scratch, mark or even slight bruising, however in this film he seems to come out much worse. The new Bond, Daniel Craig, is a brilliant choice by the directors, for he has all of the traditional Bond characteristics as well as bringing other new exciting aspects sparking debate to the James Bond films. English essay Jack Basford James Bond 1243 words Jack Basford English essay ...read more.

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