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Jeniffer Party Scene For Media

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INT. Clarissa party Louise soon arrives at Clarissa party; everyone is having a great time far. Louise Hi, you how are you, I never thought you were coming to Clarissa's party Leon How can I miss out on a peng ting like you, you owe me a dance ya no! Louise Erm... (Hesitates)You don't look to bad yourself, and about speaking about that dance...sure! Leon Thanks babez so come on then darling.... Clarissa (interupts) Oi I never knew you where going to come...oh, hey Leon. Leon Kool, the party is live still. Clarissa I no fanks, ive seen you lot have got on very well (Winks at Candy). Clarissa thinks that Louise is convincing Leon to go out with her, but really Louise is beginning to have feelings towards Leon. ...read more.


Clarissa So do you think he likes me, because you no I have strong feelings for him? Louise Erm..Yeah think hes your type of man, you should go for it ! Clarissa Oh my god, seriously, im gonna move to him now im not missing on this man for sure! Clarissa leaves the scene to go find Leon Leon Hey darling you alright Clarissa gives him a peck on his cheek Clarissa Im great, even better because you're here darling, fanx for coming, you know I like you init Leon Erm....isit now, well ya know you're a pretty girl and you can get any man Clarissa I don't know how to say this but I want you, come on I know you like me, you said so yourself im pretty. ...read more.


Louise You never even let me explain, but because you put it like that, shame on you, you must feel like crap coz your man loves me. You must not be popular at school to have the hottest man in the area wanting me. Your nothing special your just FAKE Clarissa What.....! Louise Did I stutter, you heard me! Clarrisa If your so popular come say it to me face den init! Louise doesn't hesistate and walks straight up to her, along with a crowd surrounding her Louise You aint nutting special, I said your FAKE Clarissa slaps Louise around the face and a fight breaks out. Leon hears all the commotion upstairs and breaks up the fight Louise Your not worth fighting no more im leaving Leon Clarissa your so sad, I'm leaving The party is now over. Louise and Leon decide to leave together; meanwhile Clarissa is in her bedroom left crying. EXT. Clarissa's Bedroom ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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