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kelly slater game analysis

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Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is rated as one of the best surfing games released on Xbox and published by Activision. It is a sporting game targeted at the demographic of mostly males aged 10 to 25. Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer incorporates both single and multiplayer modes and the players aim is to search the globe for the best breaks as Kelly Slater or one of eight other surfers, trying to unlock new levels, players, boards, skills, videos and much more. Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer offers excellent gameplay as the player and their choice of one of the nine professional surfers has to travel to different beach locations and complete a set number of challenges to advance to the next beach location. These challenges include beating high scores, pulling off specific tricks as they appear on the screen and pulling off combo moves as you are photographed (fig 1). Completing these challenges will unlock new features in the game including new levels, players, boards, skills, videos and much more which will enhance your game play because you are continually learning new tricks and gaining more unlockable features. ...read more.


This enhances your gaming experience because as well as good visuals you have background music from well-known artists to back that up which makes the music recognizable and more enjoyable for the player. There are sound effects that are also included such as waves breaking, players landing on the wave and players moving around on the wave. This also enhances your gaming experience because you are simulated to believe you are in a real life situation. No voiceovers are used to prevent sound pollution during the game which might irritate the player. Like in all games you can only play them to a certain extent, but Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer will keep you coming back longer than any other game. The player can finish their challenges and still compete against their opponents and still surf at the location of completed beaches. Other than that, there is no point to go back and try to complete more challenges because once they're done, they're done. There are not a lot of movie sequences during the game because it is not based on a movie or any other media body. ...read more.


The target audience for Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer are predominantly males aged between 10 and 25. This is because the males at this age are most likely to want to purchase this game because of the trends in surfing that occur around this age. The front cover of the game also targets them because it has a picture of a surfer pulling off a hard trick in the air (fig 5), which is very appealing to any audience as it grabs your attention making the player want to purchase the game and play it. In spite of this, the game can still be appealing to females aged 10 to 25 because of how good the game itself is and some females are interested in surfing. Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is an excellent surfing game that would appeal to any type of person, but predominantly males aged between 10 and 25 as it offers excellent gameplay, graphics, audio, in-game movie sequences, real life representations and easy to follow manuals. The brilliant combination of all these will have the player glued to their seat in the wait of new challenges to come. This game is definitely worth purchasing as it will bring hours of entertainment for the player. Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 Fig 5 Fig 6 ...read more.

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